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Plastic water pipes are made of high molecular polymers. Different materials determine the different characteristics of plastic water pipes. Plastic pipes have become the preferred materials for home decoration because of their low price, corrosion resistance, rust prevention and other advantages. However, there are many kinds of plastic water pipes, including UPVC, PPR, PE-RT and so on. Their characteristics and uses are also different, and consumers are often dazzled when shopping. To choose a suitable water pipe, we must first understand the classification of plastic water pipes

waterway reconstruction is the top priority of family decoration, just like human nerves and blood, giving life to the house. In modern decoration, water pipes are built in the form of buried walls. If the water pipes leak and burst, it will bring irreparable consequences. Only by choosing high-quality water pipes can leakage and burst be prevented. If you have this need, you might as well come with me to understand the relevant knowledge of plastic water pipes. Now I will teach you four ways to distinguish the quality of plastic water pipes

types of plastic water pipes

plastic water pipes can be divided into UPVC (rigid polyvinyl chloride), PPR (random copolymer polypropylene), PE-RT (heat-resistant polyethylene) and other categories according to their materials. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages and scope of application

plastic water pipes can be divided into water supply pipes, drainage pipes and floor heating pipes according to their uses. Water supply pipes are required to be environmental friendly, non-toxic and meet human health requirements; The drainage and sewage pipe has low requirements for pipe material, but has high requirements for pipe length, diameter and other dimensions; The floor heating pipe requires that the pipe can withstand high temperature and high pressure, without deformation and leakage

specifications of plastic water pipes

the specifications of plastic water pipes will vary according to different purposes. Here are three common sizes of plastic water pipes

the length specification of a single plastic water pipe is 4m or 6m, and other sizes need to be customized. Compared with the length specification, the specification of outer diameter and wall thickness of plastic water pipe is much richer. PE-RT pipe is mainly used as floor heating pipe, so its outer diameter and wall thickness are small; UPVC is mainly used as drainage pipe, with large size and multiple choices; PPR has a wide range of applications, so there are many and concentrated specifications of pipe outer diameter and wall thickness, and even derived the common name, such as d25*3.5, which is called 6 branch pipes with an outer diameter of 25mm and a wall thickness of 3.5mm

the price of plastic water pipes

the raw materials and production processes of plastic water pipes made of different materials are different, and the price will certainly be far different

the total cost of plastic water pipes not only refers to the price of the pipe itself, but also includes pipe fittings, connecting tools, installation labor costs, pipe loss ratio, and the maintenance period of installation reliability. Therefore, consumers should make a comparison according to the above comprehensive indicators

four methods teach you to buy plastic water pipes

look at the appearance

when buying plastic water pipes, first look at whether the color and gloss are uniform, and whether the outer wall of the pipe is marked with trademark, specification, temperature, pressure, production batch number, production date and actual origin. Secondly, it depends on whether there is a sanitation license. Water pipes without a sanitation license cannot be used for drinking water pipes


plastic water pipes are extruded from plastic raw materials by extruders. Most plastic raw materials are non-toxic and tasteless. Illegal businesses will add recycled toxic plastics to the pipes in order to save costs or their own technology does not meet the standards. When buying, consumers can smell the water pipe with their nose first to see if there is any pungent smell. The plastic water pipe with good quality should be free of any peculiar smell

test performance

plastic pipes with good quality can be easily bent without breaking, PPR pipes can even be bent into a circle, while low-quality plastic pipes are brittle and break as soon as they are bent. Consumers can also take a small sample of plastic water pipes and soak them in high-temperature hot water. Good quality plastic water pipes will still maintain their original hardness, while poor quality water pipes will soften at about 60 degrees

pay attention

when purchasing, first, pay attention to the purchase of regular agent stores with pipe authorization, so as to enjoy better installation services. Second, pay attention to whether the purchased pipes and fittings are produced by the same manufacturer. The expansion coefficients of products from different manufacturers are different, and the risk of water leakage increases after long-term use. Third, we should pay attention to asking for product service cards. Most water pipe manufacturers will have a 50 year warranty

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