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Home decoration is a "happy worry" for owners who have no experience in decoration. Although they read a lot of relevant books before the decoration began, they panicked when it was their turn to decorate. Before the decoration construction, the owner must make clear the most basic decoration process, such as choosing a good decoration company to ensure the smooth progress of the decoration construction, so what preparations do the owner need to make? Let's take a look at some things that Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian teaches you to pay attention to, and teach you to be confident when decorating

family decoration preparation work I: complete the design

determine the construction scheme, which is a necessary prerequisite for commencement. If you don't decide how to do it, what awaits you will be endless modifications and flowing silver. Before the commencement of construction, we have to confirm the full set of design and construction plans with the designer, and the designer has completed all the drawings required for construction. At the same time, confirm with the designer and the construction party that the scheme is feasible

preparation for home decoration II: preparation of main materials

according to your own budget and the amount of materials, you can allocate what materials you can buy and what grade you can buy. At the same time, you can coordinate the budget allocation between what you can save money and what you cannot save. According to this budget, plan what material type and brand to buy, and mark the arrival time and purchase remarks. Although many materials are temporarily unavailable, it is also necessary to buy them in advance and determine the delivery time to avoid delaying the decoration process because of materials. With this magic watch in hand, how can the decoration process be in a hurry. The decoration budget is completely under your control, so as to avoid having no bottom in your heart and wallet. Of course, I'm not professional enough. I can ask the designers of Wuchang decoration company to review the form together with the designers or construction parties

preparations for home decoration III: Commencement procedures

decoration is not just a matter of one's own family. Nonstandard decoration may affect the safety of the whole building, so relevant procedures need to be handled in the property:

1) go to the community property to explain that you want to decorate, and sign the decoration agreement issued by the property

2) provide construction drawings of home decoration, mainly including water circuit reconstruction and non load-bearing wall demolition and reconstruction

3) handling the commencement certificate is mainly for construction workers to avoid illegal personnel entering the community during the decoration period. (the charging standards of each community are different. Generally, it is 15 yuan each, the production cost is 5 yuan, and the remaining 10 yuan will be returned to the owner after the decoration is completed.)

4) decoration deposit (each community depends on the situation, there is no unified standard. It is at least about 2000 yuan, and it will be returned to the owner 3 months after the completion of decoration)

5) garbage removal fee: this fee is used to pay for the property to clean up the decoration garbage

family decoration preparation work IV: on site preparation

before decoration, it needs to be confirmed: 1) whether it is in the heating period; 2) Water and electricity sources; 3) Whether there is enough water and electricity; 4) Whether there are items irrelevant to decoration on site that need to be evacuated; 5) Theft prevention during decoration. Distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors. Don't ignore a very important point: inform neighbors, upstairs and downstairs, see if there are any special circumstances in their family, try to accommodate each other, and avoid freezing neighborhood relations because of the decoration of the new house

preparations for home decoration five: on-site disclosure

the owner checks the site together, confirms the on-site situation and completes the disclosure; If you have a third-party supervisor, the supervisor shall be present at the same time to confirm the status of all parties. All parties shall confirm face-to-face together to avoid unclear problems in the construction





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