How much is the decoration loan line of CCB

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The living environment usually has a subtle impact on people, so the vast majority of home buyers will do some fine decoration after they get the house, but they will often be short of money after buying a house. At this time, it is time to play the role of decoration loans. How much is the decoration loan line of CCB? Can it really solve the urgent need

decoration loan line of CCB:

the loan line of a single household shall not exceed 1million yuan; Among them, China Construction Bank will directly grant a consumer credit loan of up to 300000 yuan (including) and no more than 30% of the house value (subject to the collateral value confirmed when handling the housing loan) to the housing loan customers who apply for the loan for the decoration of the housing purchased by their housing loan, the normal repayment of the housing loan for more than 2 years (including) and have no default records and other default conditions

decoration loan process of CCB:

1. When applying for decoration loan of CCB, the borrower must apply at the business outlet where the business is operated, fill in the application form, submit relevant materials and handle relevant guarantee procedures

2. After the customer manager investigates, reviews and agrees, the loan contract can be signed after being approved by the competent approval department

3. The customer manager handles the loan procedures and transfers the funds to the borrower's personal settlement account in our bank, so that the customer can use the loan funds

4. Sign decoration agreements with decoration enterprises and pay decoration funds

the above is the amount and process of decoration loans of CCB. After grasping the above two points, I believe you must have a way to dress up your house beautifully




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