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Color management in narrow flexo printing

printing is actually a copy process of graphic information, and color is an important element of graphic information and an important basis for evaluating the quality of original copy. In the whole printing process, from the scanning, production and output of the original to plate making and printing, the transmission of color information runs through it all the time, and there will be information increase or decrease in each link. The work of color management is how to control and control the color information in each link, so that the printed matter can faithfully restore the original or even exceed the original. Therefore, color management in a broad sense is a concept with rich connotation. Here, I would like to talk about how an ink supplier can help customers do a good job in color reproduction in the printing process, as well as the unique color management solution of seleco ink company

in modern life, with the development of social culture, people's aesthetic taste is constantly improving, and a variety of commodities are dazzling. How to attract the attention of consumers and stand out from the numerous commodities has long been a research topic for managers, and the gorgeous and beautiful colors are a powerful weapon for label printing manufacturers to compete for customers. Therefore, choosing a brand UV oil with high color intensity and high color purity to speed up the technical transformation of ink to express the color and improve the product grade is very important for narrow width flexo printing plants. The excellent color management system can also help printing manufacturers reduce raw material consumption, reduce scrap rate, reduce downtime, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs

the brand series uvivid ink launched by seleco ink company just conforms to the above characteristics. All basic colors are based on Pantone color, which not only has high color intensity, but also has high color purity, gorgeous color and wide color gamut. This makes it possible to use the high-speed wire counting roller. Even if the field is the same as the point, it can make the field color full and the point clear. In addition, for some special bright spot colors, the serico uvivid series ink products can be easily displayed due to their unique material selection process and wide color gamut

we know that narrow width flexo printing is favored for its flexibility, and the products it prints are also diverse. Especially in label printing plants, not only are there many product specifications to be printed, but also spot color inks are used very frequently. In general, every time a new product is changed for color matching, it needs to stop, color matching, proofing or trial production and production. Such repetition not only wastes a lot of raw materials, but also reduces the production efficiency. Therefore, how to avoid or minimize the production cost increase caused by color matching and proofing is a topic that should be discussed in depth

in general, when mixing spot colors, the toner flexibly mixes colors according to the formula on the Pantone color card and his own experience. However, the formula in Pantone color card is actually offset printing formula, so there are certain differences in the formula used in flexo printing, and the roller used for color matching and proofing in flexo printing will be adjusted accordingly due to actual needs, which increases the difficulty of color matching in flexo printing. Therefore, an efficient and excellent color management system is very necessary

seleco ink company adheres to our consistent business philosophy of "providing ink and solving difficult problems". It not only provides high-quality UV ink to the majority of narrow width flexo printing manufacturers, but also provides high-quality services and a full range of solutions. As a value-added service, we have prepared four sets of solutions for color management

scheme 1: Pantone formula guide

this formula refers to all formulas of nanzhong middle school when the output pressure of the oil pump drops. The color R & D Department of our company uses GretagMacbeth special system for initial color matching, and then senior color matching technicians make more accurate prediction and manual preparation, and check, verify, adjust, etc. under the standard three primary color light source color viewing platform. It is finally determined after numerous experiments, Its formulation is very precise

scheme 2: Cherlyn color mixing scale

this is an exquisite color mixing scale, and the maximum weight can reach 6kg. All formulas of some products of our company are stored in it. Customers can also store some customized formulas according to their actual needs

scheme 3: connex color mixing scale

this is a powerful color mixing scale, with a maximum weight of 7 kg. A personal computer is embedded and integrated inside, and a set of color matching software based on windo drawing spline until the spline breaks is installed. The software has powerful functions. In addition to conventional ink color matching, it also has a large database, and can perform data analysis, inventory management, output, print and archive data such as recipes, etc

scheme 4: the color laboratory


on the basis of scheme 3, a complete set of packaging tools such as a fast fluid distributor (Fig. 5) or agitator, an IGT proofing machine (Fig. 6), a GretagMacbeth spectrophotometer (Fig. 7) and a UV curing machine are added, and a color Laboratory is built

after the above equipment is installed, we can also sample the characteristic parameters of the embossing roller through technical means to find out the corresponding relationship between the printing machine and the proofing machine, and then we can use the proofing machine to conduct off-line proofing for general colors, so as to reduce the waste of ink and printing materials during proofing on the machine and reduce the production cost; The preparation time before printing is shortened, the production efficiency is improved, an efficient color management system is formed, and the quality control can be carried out in combination with the spectrophotometer

it is believed that the above complete color management scheme will improve the production efficiency and product competitiveness for the majority of narrow width flexo printing manufacturers, and contribute to the rising domestic flexo printing market. ※

Author: seleco Ink Co., Ltd. Author: Pan Jie

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