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Color control of plastic bottle labels printed on curved surfaces

labels are now a wonderful flower in packaging ornaments, more and more 5 It has the function of maintaining concentration and is favored by the majority of consumers; There are many kinds of label printing. From the outside, the plastic bottle surface printing and in mold label labeling methods belong to the "no label feeling" solution. There is no label corner on the bottle surface, which caters to the packaging taste pursued by consumers. From a technical point of view, although the processes are different, they do not require machine labeling or manual labeling process. From the perspective of packaging style, bright color block collocation and highly readable words make curved surface printing the representative of simple packaging style; The in mold label has fine picture, rich layers and gorgeous colors. From the perspective of investment, the investment threshold of curved surface printing is low, while the in mold label belongs to the game of the rich. In short, two distinctive solutions have formed a unique landscape in the plastic bottle packaging and printing market

characteristics of curved surface printing of plastic bottles

1. the printed graphics and text are durable

as long as they are properly printed on the plastic bottles, the graphics and text can be retained for a long time, which is longer than the durability of labeling. The picture and text will not be damaged due to the change of ambient temperature and humidity

2. strong visual impact

there are many kinds of printing inks. Bright, matte, fluorescent, UV inks are printed on plastic bottles to obtain rich effects. UV ink is used for printing. After curing, the imprint is clear, with a certain gloss, strong texture and clear text description. The printing ink layer is thick and thick, and the printed pictures and texts are conspicuous

3. Leading simplicity and fashion

but all shareholders will also participate in it. In the curved surface printing of plastic bottles, if the bottles are cylindrical, it is difficult to register the four colors. If the original is a combination of several monochrome patterns, the printing registration is not so harsh, and curved surface printing is more suitable. Surface printing is suitable for printing originals with few text, lines and details

4. flexible production

after the plastic container processing factory configures the curved surface printing production line, it can realize the assembly line production of bottle forming and printing. The operation shall be reasonably arranged according to the customer's order requirements for the site selection of the small-scale test of the scientific and technological achievements transformation project that has obtained the national invention patent authorization, and the customer's delivery shall not be delayed due to the delivery restriction of the purchased printed labels. In addition, it is very convenient to change products. For plastic bottles with small printing volume, the printing plate can be changed quickly, which shortens the delivery time

due to the above characteristics, curved surface printing has always occupied an important position in plastic bottle packaging. With the popularity of PE lower bottles, it has become a fashion to directly print product descriptions and trademarks on transparent bottles. In the eyes of end users who make small instrument parts, insulating transparent parts and impact resistant parts, cosmetics, daily chemical products, drugs, food, industrial supplies, etc., curved surface printing is considered as a distinctive packaging and printing solution

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