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Color design and printing color restoration of cigarette label (Part 1)

cigarette label is a special commodity integrating knowledge, interest and artistry. The cigarette label pattern is mainly composed of words, design graphics, images and other elements. From the perspective of color restoration of cigarette labels, this paper established a technical research team led by the factory director, composed of technicians in the work area and grass-roots management personnel to discuss the color design of cigarette labels, a special commodity, showing discretion

selection of printing materials and processes

1. Selection of paper

most of the printing materials for cigarette labels are paper, commonly used are copper/Japanese paper, white cardboard, white background paper, glass cardboard, various metal cardboard, watermark special cardboard with hidden stripes and other special papers

today's cigarette labels have very high requirements for paper. They should not only have beautiful appearance and good printability, but also have good color expressiveness according to the statistics of the International Copper Association. Therefore, pay attention to the following points when selecting paper

(1) some special papers with beautiful appearance, high gloss and smooth surface have poor ink absorption ability and slow ink drying speed, which have a direct impact on the printing quality and color restoration of cigarette labels

(2) the color of the special paper also has a direct influence on the tone of the background color of the cigarette label, and the degree of influence depends on the hue, lightness and saturation of the color of the special paper. Cigarette label paper should not be dark special paper, otherwise it will affect the correct performance of the design tone

2. selection of inks

there are many types of inks used in cigarette label printing, including ordinary printing inks such as offset ink, gravure ink, printing ink and flexographic printing ink, and special inks such as pearl ink, frosted ink, fragrance ink, metal ink, colorful ink, holographic anti-counterfeiting ink, environmental friendly soybean ink, etc. Different types of inks have different color performance. Appropriate printing inks should be used according to the design requirements of cigarette labels

3。 Process selection

it can be said that the cigarette label printing process includes various printing methods and applies a variety of advanced printing combination processes. There are also many methods for finishing the surface of cigarette labels after printing, such as embossing, polishing, hot stamping and other post printing processing processes, which have good performance effects in cigarette label printing, making the appearance of cigarette labels luxurious and rich, with a sense of the times. Cigarette label printing products with new printing technology are more popular with consumers, and can promote the sales of cigarettes to a certain extent. Therefore, new materials should be selected reasonably. The advanced printing process is not only beneficial to the design of cigarette label, but also can greatly improve the added value of cigarette products

while fully understanding the new materials and printing process, the following points should be paid attention to

(1) when scanning an image, it should be flexibly mastered according to the requirements of the original and consumers on the artistic processing of the replica. That is, emphasize the main part, lose the secondary part, and highlight the theme

(2) offset printing has rich high-profile layers, but the ink layer is thin. Printing products have strong three-dimensional sense, thick ink layer, many process changes, and there are many new processes. Gravure printing has good texture and distinct layers, especially rich dark tone layers and fast printing speed. In the cigarette label printing, according to the characteristic comprehensive production process of cigarette label design and training, the process of one-time injection molding for hollow parts containing internal information inserts is considered, and the combination process is adopted to give full play to the advantages of various printing processes

(3) in actual work, due to the needs of artistic processing, there are many kinds of originals. Different people will get different results by analyzing the same original, and will put forward different requirements for printing and reproduction. At this time, the likes and dislikes of consumers should be mainly considered

it is not enough for a good cigarette label product to rely on good design ideas. It is also necessary to have a corresponding understanding of the expressiveness and printability of new materials, and sometimes do corresponding tests, so as to achieve the desired effect and avoid waste in design and printing

(to be continued)

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