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Color design and marketing function of serialized packaging design (Part 2)

III. marketing function of serialized packaging color design

the overall artistic effect and visual effect of packaging design largely depend on the use of color. If the shape, graphics and words of the packaging are well handled, but the color is not properly handled, people will feel that this is not a good packaging, which directly affects consumers' purchase of packaged products

highly personalized packaging colors can make commodities icing on the cake, attract customers' attention, help to improve consumers' recognition of commodities, and thus generate purchase desire. In this way, the role of color in the design of serialized packaging is more obvious, which is specifically reflected in the following points:

(I) color can promote products and enterprises so as to attract consumers

in the sales location of products, Among many commodities, the first thing consumers notice is the outer packaging with novel and unique colors. The serialized products have a stronger sense of integrity, can better show the overall color of a large area, and are easier to attract the attention of consumers. The package color seriation design is conducive to consumers' identification of goods, helps enterprises to establish reputation and create famous brand goods, further attract customers, enhance publicity effect, enhance sales, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

packaging designers should pay attention to the color design in the serial Packaging of commodities, so that commodities can play a good advertising effect while promoting sales, and reflect their uniqueness and brand. Using personalized and serialized colors to attract consumers' attention is the focus of packaging designers in designing commodity packaging

(II) excellent packaging color seriation design can expand the sales of commodities

packaging color seriation design can increase the packaging types and styles of similar commodities of an enterprise, and give consumers more choices. If consumers are satisfied with one of the series of commodities, they may have confidence in other commodities of the series, which will help to expand the sales of the series of commodities

color can stimulate people's psychology. After listening to the report of Yi Jianjun, director of polyolefin Research Office of Petrochemical Institute, the project manager, the experts in the unnecessary pre meeting thought that color would have different reveries for people. This is the truth that the ancients said "looking at plum blossoms to quench thirst". In the serialization of packaging design, color should also be applied to goods of different properties. For example, the packaging of cold drinks generally adopts blue and white, which brings a refreshing feeling in the hot summer; Tea packaging generally uses green as its main color, which can highlight the color of tea itself and bring people a fresh feeling. In this way, similar commodities show different attributes through color changes, which is more convenient for consumers to choose and buy, and will greatly improve the sales of commodities

(III) the color in the serialized packaging has the function of recognition and memory in the process of commodity marketing.

the serialized packaging often has unity in color. 5. The color of the paint of the experimental machine should be beautiful and generous. Then, according to the characteristics of different products, please restart the experiment at the same specific position to change the hue, purity and lightness. When purchasing goods, consumers will not only pay attention to the shape and color of the whole series of packages, but also pay attention to the differences of each package. In the design of commodity packaging, the design of various colors that can be clearly recognized by consumers will help people identify various commodities

the packaging color of a series of commodities should design the color of each commodity, so that consumers can have a deep visual memory of this commodity through color. For example, the packaging of chewing gum in shopping malls is to express different tastes through different colors. Consumers can consciously remember the packaging color of their favorite taste, and then select the corresponding goods on the container

(IV) color in serialized packaging is conducive to the shaping of corporate image

packaging color serialized design can enable similar goods of the same enterprise on the shelf to be displayed in batches, occupy a greater visual advantage and increase the momentum of the enterprise. Such a display mode makes the overall image of commodities more prominent, improves the sense of integrity, and gives consumers a sense of coordination and unity, so that it is easier to remember such products and manufacturing enterprises, which is conducive to market competition and the shaping of corporate brand image

packaging serialization design is an important means of commodity packaging design, and color design is an important element and component of serialization packaging design. The color design in the series packaging is not simply to use several colors. It should not only fully consider the merchantability, advertising, nationality and popularity of the packaging colors, but also have a full understanding of the properties, characteristics and functions of the commodities. Only the series packaging colors designed on this basis can have a strong visual impact and advertising promotion. A really good serialized commodity packaging should not only reach high standards in modeling, writing and typesetting, but also consider the use of color, and fully reflect its own characteristics through color. Such packaging has a negative impact on consumers' consumer psychology in the sales process. Therefore, in the process of commodity serialization packaging design, the accurate and personalized use of color can play a strong role in promoting the marketing of commodities

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