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Biodegradable plastics in Olympic venues are expected to enter the homes of ordinary people

on the 15th, it was learned from the 2008 China International Forum on eco-environmental materials technology and industrial development that biodegradable plastic bags, which were widely used in Olympic venues, are expected to enter the homes of ordinary people next year

this forum is jointly hosted by the science and Technology Committee of the 29th Olympic Games and the international high technology center of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. The forum summarized and exchanged the application experience of biodegradable plastics during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and analyzed the development status and trend of eco-environmental materials at home and abroad

according to Zhang Jie, the Secretariat of the forum, the forum suggested that the Olympic biological health should be introduced to the market from the broad interpretation of plastic bags, and each plastic bag is proposed to be sold for 1 yuan. Under composting conditions, this plastic bag can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide in the 72 day automatic sprinkler system water flow indicator GA 32 ⑴ 992

according to Yang Yichun, director of the Olympic Science and Technology Commission of the Beijing Olympic Games, more than 5million plastic bags were used in the Beijing Olympic Games, which have been degraded at present

the forum is divided into Beijing main venue and network sub venue. More than 150 people from government, economic and academic research fields at home and abroad attended the main venue, and representatives of more than 300 traditional plastic processing, catering services and packaging products enterprises attended the exchange after the end of the last experiment

The forum also discussed biodegradable materials and their products that may be used in the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo

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