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ERP: the "black bag" in informatization

after the implementation of ERP, Jiangsu oil company, such a story happened

at 9 p.m. on November 12, 2004, a self-employed gas station operator took a 15 ton No. 0 diesel bill of lading to Guangshan oil depot of Jiangsu Petroleum Xuzhou branch to pick up oil. When posting, the consignor found that the sales quantity of the bill of lading in the ERP system was only 1 ton, which could not pass the procedure. The consignor checked the bill of lading carefully and found that it was slightly different from the normal use of the company, but it was enough to be false. After inquiry, the operator bought the bill of lading from two strangers, and there were six more. The deliveryman found that the numbers of the seven bills of lading in the ERP system were exactly the same, concluded that someone had forged them, and then reported the case to the public security organ, so there was a story of rejecting the fake bill of lading of 76 tons of diesel

3. Adjusting the mirror

fake can't pass the test, and it really can't pass the test without any procedures. This is deeply experienced by hanxuhua, director of the accessories warehouse of the general material warehouse of the material supply department. She described the ERP system as "a black faced Bao who doesn't care about 'reason'. Here, if the storekeeper is missing one item for each batch of materials warehousing, order contract, quality inspection report, approval procedure, etc., the ERP system cannot operate, even if the quantity is inconsistent, it cannot operate. Similarly, when issuing materials, it cannot be run without the approval procedure of the financial department. Before the implementation of ERP, these problems can be run. The inspection report can be provided later. If the quantity is large, the bill can be supplemented. The material issuance record can only be reported to the financial department at the end of the month. Here, from bidding procurement, to signing contracts, approval and warehousing, the context of each material is under the eyes of the financial department and superior managers, and every business is under the sun. The past "one pen" is deconstructed into a process connected by multiple links, so that all black box operations and greasy behaviors have nowhere to hide, which not only turns away suppliers with poor reputation, but also avoids repeated procurement Cross storage

not only in the material supply system, but also in the whole production and operation link of the oilfield, the role of ERP as a "black faced Baogong" is everywhere

in the sales system, customer credit limit management files are established to prevent the occurrence of arrears; Professional departments use the base price maintenance and the price locking function to effectively grasp the sales direction and price and prevent the loss of benefits; Through the document flow of contract - order - outward delivery order - invoice, the phenomenon of "Invoicing without picking up goods, picking up without Invoicing" and taking advantage of price changes will be completely eliminated

in the past, the financial department was unable to monitor the use of costs in the whole process. After the completion of a project, there may be over investment. At the same time, due to time constraints, the planning department usually sets up the project in February and March, and some projects that must be constructed at the beginning of the year have started without setting up the project. These problems can be solved. If the investment is excessive, increase the investment; If the project is not approved, just fill in the relevant report. These problems have brought about the uncontrollable annual investment cost and affected the seriousness of the relevant procedures of the project. In ERP system, this is absolutely impossible. Without the project initiation and approval report, the materials can't be received. How can we start? Even during the normal construction period, the system will monitor the cost of each sub project. If the cost of any project is close to the investment amount, the system will immediately issue a warning. At this time, Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes your call to consult, and the product information supply department will also receive relevant instructions. In this way, the past post settlement and post control of the project will be changed into pre control and in-process monitoring, and the phenomenon of starting work without project approval and over investment will be eliminated

erp's role of blackface Baogong still exists among every user in the system. Relatively speaking, a user is the Baogong of other users. In the system, users at different levels will have a certain scope of authority and process. If the upper level user fails, the lower level user has nothing to do. If so, this situation may pass inadvertently. The multi-point sharing and transparency of system data also makes it unreasonable. If a data is wrong, all relevant data of the system will be wrong. At this time, the problem of which link will be clear at a glance, and the users of this link will bear the responsibility. Last year, the ERP system of Jiangsu Oilfield took 13 days to correct because of a data error

the systematic lack of "rationality" is based on openness and transparency. It is this lack of "rationality" that has changed people's traditional thinking, working methods and management methods, and brought tangible and intangible benefits to the Oilfield: the improvement of enterprise decision-making level, the rigor of specific operations, strengthening the control of processes, reducing procurement costs, shortening procurement cycle, reducing inventory, reducing precipitation funds, and reducing financial costs, Improve inventory and capital turnover, plug management loopholes, reduce bad debts, shorten the failure period of equipment outside the warranty period, reduce the loss of enterprise benefits, and improve the overall quality of employees

from this point of view, we can see who is not reasonable. The system is stiff, and the manager of the enterprise is human. Only when people adapt to the system with corresponding ideas and thinking, the system will become gentle and green all the way, and the two will achieve fair coexistence. Therefore, for every manager, pay attention to ERP, skillfully use ERP, constantly abandon the past working methods and management thinking according to the system, strengthen business learning, improve decision-making ability and management level, do everything according to the rules, don't pat your head and buttocks on a job, be a pawn in front of the car, and don't shoot after the horse. This is the deep-seated problem we pay more attention to than paying attention to ERP. "Online success" is not the goal, but the successful operation after online is the fundamental, and it is also the key to the implementation of ERP in the oilfield. Any advanced system or tool must rely on people to play a role. (end)

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