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Baishan Jiangyuan district starts biological papermaking project

recently, a high-quality biotechnology Papermaking Engineering Dacheng Co., Ltd. oxidation clean pulp project was launched in Jiangyuan District, Baishan City

the project relies on the national patented technology of Professor Yan Weiqun, Dean of the school of pharmacy of Jilin University, doctoral tutor, and returned overseas scholar. Future students should not exceed the allowable work pressure; The perfect combination of fermentation engineering and self coupling oxidation clean pulping technology, with Amorpha fruticosa as the main raw material for pulp production. The whole production process of the project adopts green environmental protection processes. Compared with traditional processes, it has the advantages of alkali free cooking, sulfur free washing, chlorine free bleaching, pollution-free, water-saving, electricity saving and so on. It is an economic transformation project mainly cultivated in the source area of the river

the total investment of the project is 5.9 billion yuan. The total investment of phase I project is 400million yuan, and the annual production of pulp is 90000 tons. At present, the key to ensure the accuracy of spring testing has been put on two production lines, and by the end of this year, all three production lines will be completed. After the implementation of phase II project, the project can produce 600000 tons of pulp per year. By the time of the third phase project, the annual pulp production capacity of the project can reach 2million tons

the Jiangyuan district Party committee and the district government attach great importance to it and give strong support in all links of the project operation to ensure that the project is implemented on schedule

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