Blackmore, the hottest British printing house, won

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Blackmore, a British printing house, won the fsc/pefc forest award

FSC (Forest Certification Council) and PEFC (forest certification and Accreditation Program) recently presented the forest award to Blackmore, a British printing house, in recognition of their contributions to environmental printing, and Blackmore has become the 70th printing house in the UK to receive this award

fsc/pefc forest award means that Blackmore, a British commercial printing house, can meet these requirements. Zibo has also attracted some VR entrepreneurs to create VR content related to Liaozhai in Zibo tourist attractions. The strict standards formulated by the structure can ensure that the paper they use comes from the environment, society and economy. 5 Forest without fuse switch (circuit breaker) and temperature over temperature protector calibration

Blackmore is an environmentally conscious printing factory, which promises to provide high-quality and low-cost printing services to customers all over the world


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