Five principles for the most successful sales

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Five principles for successful sales

I am not a sales master. I don't even have any special talent in sales. I mean, I can sell, but the biggest deal I've ever completed is only five digits - and it's not a high five digits

so, what is the starting point of my successful blog post on sales? Let me explain

I may not be a sales master who has some wonderful seminar collections to promote in typical composite material production, but I am definitely the first and only sales fan in the world

I love selling. I like to hear about sales. I like watching salespeople do their things. I like to learn everything about sales

I like to chat with sales masters, sales stars and sales managers. I like to know what works (and what doesn't)

I am obsessed with the "culture" of sales and how the sales team cooperates to sell. Why do I think this subject is so interesting? I really don't know

maybe this is because I am exposed to so much garbage in the business world. I like to surround people who have achieved something idly

or maybe it's because I'm always having fun with salespeople. I like positive people

why sales maniacs exist. The reason why sales machine is successful (according to some data, this is the most popular sales oriented blog in the world when it goes beyond its specified test scope) is that I don't rely on any specific agenda... Except communicating with what I learned in following my own preferences

In other words, your sales machine readers are the beneficiaries of my eccentric obsession with everything about and sales

over the years, in the process of writing sales machine, I came up with a philosophy to guide me. This philosophy is the touchstone of what I write into my blog and what I delete. It includes the following five basic principles:

1: sales is the core and soul of the whole business world. 2: Every organization (even management) should serve sales. 3: The most demanding sales career means improving yourself. 4: When selling, use the feasible way and forget the infeasible way. 5: The supplier shall make troubleshooting plans for users within 12 hours and inform users that sales is to make friends and then help them

I have observed that every very successful professional salesperson adheres to some form of these five principles. They don't always list them in this way, but their ideas are similar. (end)

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