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Five problems and Countermeasures for small and medium-sized enterprises to implement B2B e-commerce

B2B e-commerce is a series of business activities between enterprises using networks as a tool. Its functions have covered all processes of enterprise business system, including information flow, logistics and capital flow. With the gradual maturity of the third-party B2B e-commerce trading platform, the continuous improvement of virtual host technology and the development of search engine market, the cost of e-commerce has been greatly reduced, and B2B e-commerce is no longer the patent of large enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises should seize the opportunity to implement e-commerce in order to adapt to market changes and improve economic benefits. In recent years, B2B e-commerce is more and more widely used and accepted by more and more small and medium-sized enterprises. Many enterprises have carried out e-commerce and obtained benefits. However, to truly implement B2B e-commerce and obtain sustainable competitive advantage, small and medium-sized enterprises still have many problems to be solved

I. concept - modern marketing concept

many small and medium-sized enterprises still have a very simple and vague understanding of B2B e-commerce, and have not formed a scientific concept of e-commerce. It is mainly reflected in that they do not really realize the significance of B2B e-commerce, and the role of e-commerce is not very clear, or the understanding is too simple. This leads to the lack of enterprise e-commerce planning. Some enterprises simply think that enterprise e-commerce is to spend money to build a station, and even think that enterprises can connect with computers is to implement e-commerce. Although some enterprises have great enthusiasm and interest in e-commerce, they think that as long as the information is published on the Internet, the business will naturally come to their door, which is simply equivalent to the yellow pages of online information. This caused these enterprises either because of the wrong understanding, there is no modern marketing awareness based on network foundation, and they can't let go; Either it has spent a lot of financial and human resources for the "e-commerce" that the business owners think, but the effect is not effective or very low. E-commerce has become a decoration, wasting enterprise resources, which in turn attacks the confidence of enterprises, and then produces a sense of mistrust of e-commerce

enterprises carry out B2B e-commerce by using network interaction means, which makes communication very convenient. On the one hand, it can obtain business information pertinently and quickly, and form a network interaction mechanism between enterprises (B2B). The operation cost is very low. Experienced business owners can control the cost by making good use of e-commerce, and greatly improve the operation efficiency of enterprises. On the other hand, it can help enterprises effectively expand the market. B2B e-commerce is not limited by time and region. Enterprises may use it to avoid their own disadvantages and win their own market anytime and anywhere

to establish the concept of e-commerce, we must first deeply study the basic knowledge of e-commerce and understand the basic functions, functions and significance of network and B2B e-commerce. In particular, enterprises should carry out e-commerce from the perspective of using knowledge for practice, raise e-commerce to the height of enterprise business strategy, and gradually find out a set of marketing concepts suitable for themselves through theoretical guidance and Practice on the basis of the opening of B2B e-stores, develop new markets, give play to network advantages and improve their competitiveness

II. Positioning - personalized platform selection

because many small and medium-sized enterprises have unclear purposes for developing B2B e-commerce, because they often have great blindness in the process of implementation and application. First, because the understanding is not deep enough, some enterprises set up stations and send and receive e-mail are equivalent to enterprise e-commerce, and the result is that "commerce" is impossible to talk about at all. Second, I want to try, but I have no choice in the face of various e-commerce platforms, and even fall into the trap of obvious deception such as "network domain name" and "SMS address" because I am not familiar with the network. Third, blindly follow the trend and catch up with the so-called "big brand" platform. As a result, a lot of money was invested without the expected return, and even lost everything. The first reason for these situations is that enterprises do not understand which businesses may be expanded through e-commerce and which may not be needed for the time being. Thirdly, the enterprise did not engage in thermoplastic elastomers such as polystyrene. It was clear what kind of platform the enterprise's own situation was suitable for. Networking was not omnipotent, and the third-party B2B e-commerce was not omnipotent. The enterprise should make the best choice in combination with its own situation and goals in order to maximize the effect

b2b e-commerce is mainly used in procurement, sales, advertising, communication and other aspects. In the long run, it is also a good way for enterprises to shape brand image and establish reputation. Enterprises should make a scientific and feasible e-commerce plan to install and fix the impact knife with screws, which is not just a stop. Using the third-party platform is an economical and effective way. E-commerce must be carried out simultaneously with information display and product marketing promotion. According to the different business directions of enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises should be cautious in the selection of third-party platforms, and platforms with strong strength or professionalism have greater protection. For example, for foreign trade data export, you can choose powerful service providers such as Alibaba and global resources, and for domestic trade, you can choose domestic trade B2B supply and demand information search, and there are more professional services

enterprises should carefully investigate and analyze according to their own financial strength, brand positioning and business scope, especially evaluate the cost performance of input and output within a certain period of time. In this way, there is a basis for enterprises to spend money on low-cost service provider products such as lead screw transmission and rack transmission, such as echoing all at once, or higher-end products, so as to achieve a targeted goal

III. Effect - cost performance evaluation

small and medium-sized enterprises with a wait-and-see attitude towards e-commerce, because they doubt the feasibility of e-commerce, including the whole network virtual transaction, are easy to miss the opportunity and unknowingly lose their own market. When they realize that with the development of the Internet, more business activities are completed in virtual form, it is impossible to return to the previous environment. Compared with these slow-moving business owners, some enterprises have spared no expense to invest in e-commerce, believing that e-commerce is the "savior" of enterprises, which can replace all business activities of enterprises. The evaluation of investment and return ratio is not included in the e-commerce planning, or there is no awareness of evaluation at all. Specifically, one is that e-commerce should deal with the relationship between traditional marketing and online marketing without considering the high degree of integration of enterprise products and online marketing. Under current conditions, the completion of most transactions still depends on the combination of online and offline. Second, there is no in-depth study of the characteristics of third-party platforms. Every B2B service provider will have its own characteristic services. Whether it is suitable for its own business needs to make a comprehensive investigation and comparison

because the transaction process of e-commerce is completed by the combination of online and offline, enterprises should consider the cross regional characteristics of e-commerce and the regional characteristics of some commodities. In addition, in fact, more transactions will not be limited in this regard, so the platform functions and services of third-party B2B service providers play a key role in the marketing of enterprises. However, for enterprises that are new to e-commerce, these effects are difficult to see at once. They can only be judged from the comparison of prices and services provided, as well as the publicity of manufacturers. Generally speaking, Alibaba, which is mainly engaged in foreign trade B2B, has a high price and a relatively large overseas turnover. Alibaba has great advantages in export services. Domestic trade focuses on the middle and low price. At present, the maximum price is no more than 20000 yuan. Compared with the average turnover of 70000 yuan per B2B transaction, its return rate and effect are relatively obvious

in addition, e-commerce is first of all a tool for information display and product marketing to help expand the market. If it is well integrated with enterprise entities, it can play a role in brand building and image building

IV. talent problem - improve the mechanism to retain talents

talent is one of the most important factors in enterprise management. In the implementation of B2B e-commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises need high-quality compound talents who understand both network technology and e-commerce management. However, on the one hand, some small and medium-sized business owners have their own cognitive limitations, thinking that e-commerce talents are technicians, or e-commerce talents are traditional salesmen at the meeting, and they do not pay attention to the education and training of relevant knowledge and business, so the team quality and ability are not fully qualified for the requirements of e-commerce, and it is difficult to operate. On the other hand, the strength of small and medium-sized enterprises is weak, and it is difficult to attract and retain talents, which also leads to the lack of e-commerce talents

for the above reasons, first, small and medium-sized enterprises should implement the reform of the employment system. Establish a sound incentive mechanism, supervision mechanism and salary system. Personal performance is closely related to salary, and the performance of marketing personnel is assessed in many ways, with clear rewards and punishments. The purpose of the reform is to attract and retain talents, especially high-quality core management talents. The second is to establish a market-oriented management mechanism, so that enterprises can flexibly respond to market changes. A healthy management mechanism can give better play to talents, and the company's decision-making will be more reasonable and efficient

v. service problems - high quality service and loyalty

customer service in e-commerce can be divided into two forms, one is service, and the other is the way enterprises communicate through networks. Make timely response and explanation to customers' requirements and problems. The essence of customer service in e-commerce is an important way for enterprises to maintain business communication with customers. It is of great significance to strengthen contact with customers, promote customers' trust in enterprises, and maintain customer loyalty. In fact, it is the reference of enterprises from the perspective of customers, and it is also the information feedback of enterprises in the society. In this sense, any information and any customer problem have its value. However, some enterprise customer service personnel have a one-sided understanding of this, which is reflected in the fact that they only choose favorable information and ignore the possible problems reflected. Or the attitude changes, and the communication with customers cannot be carried out effectively. If you lose patience, customer loyalty will be reduced due to untimely response, and you may lose customers in the end

one of the advantages of e-commerce is to use the network for convenient and fast communication. Enterprises should carry out service reform according to the characteristics of the network, make full use of various customer service channels and tools provided by the third-party platform, and establish a sales and customer service management system suitable for e-commerce operation. The content includes direct communication through the Internet, product information service, product after-sales service and other services. Through the network, enterprises can provide more advantageous services for trading partners, receive customer information in time, and form a perfect network service system through response and coordination by special institutions

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