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The "Five" hidden dangers that should be paid attention to in the process of packaging and printing

first, the hidden dangers of bad operation habits

for all security killers, this killer is the most powerful, at the same time, its concealment is the highest, and it is the most difficult to overcome the index

it was learned in the interview that more than 90% of operators caused accidents because they did not operate according to the requirements during the operation. Here we will also list some bad habits of long sword, in order to ring the alarm for everyone

1. plate loading (blanket loading)

habitual operation: generally, there are many printing plates on the rotary machine, and the operators are used to hanging plates in two or more groups at the same time, so as to save time and improve work efficiency. At the same time, this phenomenon also exists in the plate loading of sheet fed offset press. In order to speed up the progress, and after the temporary version installation, the master also came to help, that is, one presses the version, and one clicks the switch

potential safety hazards. When installing the version (rubber blanket), if two or more people operate at the same time, their attention is slightly distracted, their hands slip or unexpected machine faults occur, it is easy to involve their fingers and cause personal injury

preventive measures:

(1) the plate loading work can be operated by one person. Gently hold the printing plate trailing tip and pad with your hand to ensure that the plate is not scratched and the pad is flat

(2) in case of any loss during plate loading, the Nanshan Aerospace Materials Industrial Park has completed 16 high-end aluminum processing and manufacturing projects such as precision forgings for aerospace and super large special aluminum alloy materials, or encounter power connection, release your hand immediately and do not hold the printing plate. As the car is on schedule, it will not cause much loss. If you hold it, it will cause other accidents

(3) the situation of various models is different. If you really need to push the printing plate by hand, you can rub some talcum powder on the plate to prevent accidents

2. Shovel ink

habitual operation. Due to the need of ink leveling, the operator is used to holding the ink shovel to move back and forth on the ink roller for ink leveling. 2. The rusted parts of the electronic universal material testing machine are often coated with anti rust oil to add ink or shovel away the excess ink on the ink roller

potential safety hazards. When the equipment is running at high speed, such operation is a dangerous operation with multiple accidents. Once the angle pin of the ink shovel is offset or the ink shovel encounters the uneven surface of the inking roller during operation, the ink shovel will be rolled between the main inking roller and the rubber roller and an accident will occur, ranging from scratching the printing plate or rubber roller, to rolling the rubber blanket or roller, and even causing personal accidents in the moment when the ink shovel is pulled out

preventive measures:

(1) first of all, stand firmly and concentrate on the heel stainless steel belt tensile and compressive strength testing machine, hold the ink shovel tightly, and do not look around

(2) when it is found that the local ink volume of the printed product is insufficient and the ink must be added manually, the ink shovel in the hand must be held tightly, and the small ink roller must be lifted, and the operation can be carried out after the roller stops stably

(3) when shoveling ink, the ink shovel should rely on the main ink roller and lean on the rubber roller according to the trend, and should not be suspended. The contact angle between the ink shovel and the ink roller should not be less than 45

3. Dirt removal

habitual operation: whether it is a rotary machine or a sheet fed offset press, there is often the phenomenon of ink, rubber rollers, and paper falling off objects sticking to the graphic part of the printing plate. Affect product quality. At this time, operators often use their fingers to remove dirt during machine operation

potential safety hazard: this kind of operation belongs to illegal and dangerous operation, which causes many accidents in printing. When the machine is running at high speed, the operator should find out the position of the dirty spots and erase them. The available time is quite short, and the force cannot be wiped off. Only by starting early and using strong force can the dirty spots stuck on the plate text (or ink roller) be removed. If there is a slight mistake, your fingers may enter the space of the plate cylinder. If the operation is suspended without support, it is likely to bring one hand into the drum, resulting in a hand rolling accident

preventive measures:

(1) regularly check all safety devices and main motor brake mechanism of the machine every week. To ensure that the machine is sensitive, how to refine the most environmentally friendly interior materials in the car: the process is as important as the material, reliable, and timely repair problems found

(2) pay attention during operation and do not operate in the air. When wiping dirty points, the palm must rest on the pull shaft between the plate cylinder and the rubber cylinder, or on the protective safety cover of the water roller. Pay special attention to that the force supported by the palm is greater than the force wiped by the fingers

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