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Grasp the five precautions for door and window hardware in the rural market

as building materials are gradually put on the agenda in the countryside, as the rural market with the last and largest business opportunity, how to grasp this opportunity? Door and window hardware enterprises should pay enough attention to it, which is the so-called preparedness

raising the entry into the rural market to a strategic height

now that the market has entered the era of strategic decisive victory, winning on the strategic starting line has become the consensus of most enterprises preheating for 5 (1) 0 minutes before the experiment. "Building materials to the countryside" is expected to stimulate consumption of about 550 billion yuan per year, which will be a great opportunity for door and window enterprises to explore the tertiary and tertiary markets, and will also be a watershed for ambitious and ideal door and window enterprises to become bigger and stronger. With the popularization of new rural construction and urbanization, there will be a huge demand gap for building materials. Rural areas are the last and largest business opportunities in the building materials industry. The report points out that the current marketing homogenization has reached the incandescence level, and the era of relying solely on a product or a "fresh" sales idea has long been written into the dust laden history

avoid the damage of the original brand

worry that it will damage the brand image of Zhonggao, which is thankless. After the end of the relevant preferential agricultural policies, whether it should withdraw from the third and fourth tier markets is the brand positioning of the first-line door and window enterprises in the middle and high-end, and the development of products in the rural market faces two key issues in terms of brand. In this regard, front-line door and window enterprises should reasonably design the brand structure, launch sub brands for the third and fourth tier markets, form the impact magnitude of endorsement brands, and reduce the brand structure. In this way, we can not only fully develop the brand personality of sub brands to make them closer to the third and fourth tier markets, but also avoid the damage of the original brands and jointly form a strong joint force of enterprise brands

formulate efficient communication strategies

front line door and window enterprises should skillfully integrate the existing advantages of the brand and formulate efficient communication strategies. Limited to the current situation of media in the third and fourth tier markets, outdoor and bus advertising effects will be better than panlite polycarbonate resin. 3、 The price elasticity of the fourth tier market is large, but it does not mean that consumers only pay attention to price and do not care about brand. In fact, consumers in the third and fourth tier markets lack rationality in shopping. They are easier to follow the trend, and they even love face more than urban consumers. In their price logic, they are more willing to buy brands, and life branding is their dream to show off

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