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Consumers choose paper cups and master five "wants"

citizens who like colorful paper cups should pay attention to it. Such cups may endanger your health. If the merchants sell them, they are also suspected of violating regulations. From June 1, the new national standard for disposable paper cups, paper bowls and paper lunch boxes will be implemented. Now it is studying whether it can further automate the whole process. A visit to Xi'an market found that most citizens and businesses in small stores, except large supermarkets, were unaware of the new regulations

new regulations: most businesses and citizens do not know the new national standard stipulates that paper bowls and paper lunch boxes should not be sunken and wrinkled; The coating layer should be uniform, and the printed pattern should have clear outline, uniform color, no obvious color spots, and no peculiar smell. It is stipulated that all manufacturers should not use recycled raw materials. Especially for disposable paper cups, the new national standard clearly stipulates that fluorescent brighteners shall not be added. It requires that the distance between the mouth of the paper cup and the body of the cup is 15 mm, and the distance between the bottom of the cup and the body of the cup is 10 mm. The standard of the mouth of the cup is to avoid ink entering the mouth, and the standard of the bottom of the cup is to avoid ink staining the inner wall of the cup when stacked. However, just as the new regulations are about to be implemented, it was found in a survey yesterday that many retailers and consumers do not understand the new regulations

wholesale market: bright colors and fuzzy outlines

yesterday, I saw in Fengqing road wholesale market that there are a wide variety of disposable paper cups, paper bowls and paper lunch boxes sold here, and the prices are relatively cheap. The minimum price of 50 paper cups in a package is 2.5 yuan. There is only manufacturer, shelf life and other information on the outer package, and there is no QS mark or raw material display; Most of the paper cups in a package of yuan are written with the words "safe and odorless, crisp cup body, PE water layer treatment, high temperature resistance and no leakage", but the pattern printed on the paper cup, 1 Fill the mortar tank with the mortar according to the experimental requirements. The mortar prepared has bright color and fuzzy outline, and almost covers the whole cup

compared with paper cups, there are many fewer types of paper lunch boxes and bowls. In a wholesale store, I saw that paper bowls of different sizes were stacked together at random, and the edges of many paper bowls were wrinkled and covered with a layer of dust. I picked up a paper bowl and found obvious stains and impurities through the light. The patterns printed on the paper bowl were also blurred, which felt rough and soft with my hands. The owner of the wholesale store said that the price of 1000 paper bowls per box is between 55 yuan and 65 yuan. It can be cheaper to buy more. This is used in small restaurants

supermarkets: price reduction and promotion of some paper cups

compared with the wholesale market, the paper cups, paper bowls and paper lunch boxes sold in supermarkets are marked with the manufacturer's name, address, QS and other detailed information on the outer package. Materia medica will still further support miniaturization and reduce cost and interest. In a large supermarket, it was found that some brand paper cups were being reduced in price and promoted. The original price of 88 paper cups with an original price of 17.9 yuan was 9.9 yuan, and the original price of disposable paper cups with a simple combination of 100 was 13.9 yuan, and the promotion price was 7.9 yuan. On the instructions of these paper cups, there were words such as high temperature resistance, no leakage, no fluorescent bleaching, no odor, and native wood pulp paper. However, most of the cups were printed with various patterns, Some patterns have extended to the mouth of the cup, and some even cover the whole body. The staff said that the price reduction was due to too much inventory, but it was found that other paper cups with crisp cups and thick bodies whose printing positions met the requirements of the new national standard maintained their original prices

when choosing paper cups, master five essentials

when choosing paper cups, master five essentials! Professor dongjinshi, vice president of the International Food Packaging Association, once said in an interview with the media that under the condition of oil immersion and smoothness, we should look at the outer packaging of paper cups and have clear production information, QS, licenses and other information; Depending on the color, the color of the paper cup itself should not be too bright, and both the top and bottom should be left blank; Look at the paper of the paper cup against the light. If there are impurities in it, it is produced from inferior or even unqualified waste paper; If there is a pungent smell, it must not be used; You should pinch it with your hands. It is not recommended to use a paper cup that is too soft. In addition, fluorescent brighteners are mainly harmful to human body, have carcinogenic effects, affect cell development, and even lead to difficult wound healing

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