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Guangdong petrochemical school students developed high gloss water-based glazing oil in the classroom

Guangdong petrochemical school students developed high gloss water-based glazing oil in the classroom

June 1, 2011

[China paint information] it is reported that Guangdong petrochemical school currently has more than 4000 students, of whom more than 90% are from all over Guangdong. The school innovates the school running concept, regards the classroom laboratory as the workshop research and development center, and students have developed a series of new products in the classroom

high gloss water-based polish is a widely used coating in the market. At present, the better water-based polish products in the market have a gloss of 80 and a wear resistance of 5000 times. The polishing oil collectively developed by students of petrochemical school has a gloss of 82 and a wear resistance of more than 100000 times. High performance styrene acrylic resin lotion and interior wall coating series developed by students of the school. The volume concentration of pigment is as high as 80%, and its scrubbing resistance is more than 2000 times, which far exceeds the performance of national standard premium products

Zhao Gang, the vice president of the petrochemical school, told that recently, the school held a meeting to evaluate the teaching quality of technical experts to identify the requirements and development trends of new technologies for materials. Zhongshan Xinye resin products Co., Ltd. was invited to explain that the market share of domestic diaphragms is rising. Zhong Chengxin, the general manager of the company, Mao Zhongjin, the deputy general manager of Guangzhou Sanguo ink factory, and Liao Xianjun, the general manager of Guangzhou cailouhua Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., who needs to replace gaskets if necessary, Enterprise experts, including Miao Youfang, general manager of Nanhai Shuangxiong printing materials Co., Ltd., and Yang Xiaoyan, manager of the R & D Department of Zhongshan Kanghe Chemical Co., Ltd., evaluated and identified the 12 ton loader, a variety of new products developed by students. The expert jury was surprised that college students developed a variety of new products in the classroom. The correction is prepared to apply for patents after improving these products, and it is expected to be transformed into products and put them on the market as soon as possible

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