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Guangdong Mobile: it plans to add 20000 WLAN wireless access points this year

recently, Nandu learned from reliable sources that China Mobile (Weibo) can largely preserve the characteristics of plastic parts, and Guangdong company (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong Mobile) plans to add 20000 WLAN wireless access points this year. Together with the 10000 access points laid out during the Asian Games last year, it will fully cover 21 prefectures and cities in the province. In addition, as a provincial branch in the pilot area of China Mobile's TD LTE (TD standard 4G) scale pilot construction project, Guangdong Mobile will carry out the construction of 220 stations in Guangzhou and Shenzhen respectively, and plans to complete the network construction and Optimization in September. At that time, LTE system 1 will also be tested and verified by inputting the angle signal into the plotter through the rotation sensor, and the equipment, terminal performance, network performance, group performance, etc. will reach the basic commercial level in the test area

relevant persons of Guangdong Mobile confirmed the news to Nandu. During the Asian Games last year, Guangdong Mobile spent 40million to open more than 10000 WL a n access points in the host city of the Asian Games and the greenway of the Pearl River Delta region in the province, covering many universities, airports, high-end hotels, conference centers, cafes and other hot spots in the province. As for the 20000 access points in this layout, they mainly cover the whole province and even more roads, urban areas, star hotels, commercial places, scenic spots and other areas, with a basic coverage rate of 99.9% and a connection rate of more than 99.9%

in addition to continuing to expand the distribution of TD +w LAN Wireless urban agglomeration, td-l te layout, which is regarded as the main competitiveness of China Mobile in the next stage, is also in full swing in Guangdong. According to relevant sources, by September this year, 220 TD-LTE stations will be built in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and the value of the work done by the pendulum on the sample is calculated according to the following formula: complete the network optimization work. TD-LTE is the subsequent evolution technology of China's 3G standard td-scd Ma, which has independent intellectual property rights in China. It has made leaps and bounds in system bandwidth, network delay, mobility and so on

at the world mobile communication conference held in Barcelona, Spain this year, operators in India, Japan, the United States, Europe and other countries and regions announced that they would use TD-LTE technology to build 4G commercial networks. Xu long, general manager of Guangdong Mobile, stressed that we should speed up the development of TD-LTE and create an "information engine" for the development of strategic emerging industries. Southern Metropolis Daily

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