Analysis on the current situation of CPVC products

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Analysis of the current situation of CPVC products in China

cpvc products are still in their infancy in China, and are a relatively weak project in the plastic processing industry. Due to the market orientation is not in place, the understanding of this building material product with great market potential is still relatively shallow. Therefore, it can be predicted that once the market starts to improve, many domestic manufacturers will inadvertently display their products and make rough and shoddy products in the case of insufficient technical conditions, To make up for numbers and make huge profits, the result will be the same as that of aluminum plastic composite pipe, PE-X pipe and PP-R pipe. At present, China's CPVC pipe building materials products are only dominated by pipes, and their main products are the following three kinds:

vc/pvc pipes

there are about 20 domestic manufacturers producing cpvc/pvc pipes in batch. Their products are mainly for power transmission services. The target value of Vicat softening point is 93C, and the colors are orange red or orange yellow. Domestic resins account for only 70%-80%. The annual supply of ABS is 1.5abs, which is free from water, inorganic salts The influence of alkali alcohols, hydrocarbon solvents and a variety of acids is about 10000 tons. It should be pointed out that at present, the quality of cpvc/pvc pipes in the domestic market is uneven, and the proportion of CPVC in the resin is also from%, so the market image is not perfect

vc hot water pipe and chemical pipe

there are less than ten domestic manufacturers producing CPVC hot water pipe and chemical pipe in batch. The target value of Vicat softening point is 110C, and the color is mostly medium gray or orange red. Domestic resin accounts for 30% - 40%. The product quality of imported CPVC resin is obviously better than that of domestic resin, especially CPVC pipe fittings. There is no injection material for domestic CPVC resin at present

vc/pvc glass fiber reinforced pipes

at present, there are less than 5 domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of cpvc/pvc glass fiber reinforced pipes. Their products are basically oil field raw material gathering and transportation. The target value of Vicat softening point is 90C. The use pressure of this product is as high as 20MPa, but due to the lack of CPVC processing technology, it is difficult to improve its heat resistance index. It should be pointed out that at present, there is no professional manufacturer of lithium battery products made of CPVC profiles, plates and sheets in China. In order to solve the processing technology problems of CPVC, including the quality, testing and standards of processing equipment, molds and raw and auxiliary materials, there are dozens of large plastic markets, which need to be solved and clarified

if the above problems can be solved, the market prospect of CPVC building materials products in China is quite broad

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