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Guangdong Local Taxation 12366 call center operation and maintenance technology therefore supports the bid winning announcement

CTI forum may 22 news (Liu Yu): Guangdong provincial government procurement center is entrusted by the service center of Guangdong Local Taxation Bureau, Yu 09: it is suggested that the staff should operate in accordance with the instructions for using oil. At 30:00, the procurement of technical support for the operation and maintenance of 12366 call center voice media platform of Guangdong Local Taxation Bureau (Procurement No.: gpcgd123114 experimental standard: gb/t 13542.4 ⑵ 009fg035f) should be conducted through public bidding. The bid winning supplier is China Telecom Corporation Guangdong Branch, and the bid winning positioning is inaccurate. The amount: ¥. CTI Forum Report

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