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Analysis on the current situation of coextrusion film for non PVC infusion bags

there are generally three types of non PVC medical infusion coextrusion film production lines: first, upper blow molding air-cooled production lines, advanced mainstream production methods; Second, the lower blow molding water-cooling production line, a mature mainstream production method; The third is the casting production line. The early production method has been phased out at present

among them, the tape casting production line is an early production method. Its advantage is that the process requires two gratings, which is relatively simple, and can ensure good transparency and good haze of the film. This is very important when the early blow molding method cannot be guaranteed. However, the tape casting method requires a large 1million level purification workshop, which has the disadvantages of large equipment investment, increased purification accessories required for production, tight and tortuous experimental space, difficult purification conditions, high operating costs, large waste of film trimming, and low yield. At present, it has been phased out

with the development of raw materials and the progress of mechanical design and manufacturing technology, blow molding has gradually become the mainstream process for the production of non PVC medical films. Blow molding covers a small area of the workshop, and 100000 level purification workshop can be used. The yield can be improved, the cleanliness of the film is good, the uniformity of the film is good, and the equipment investment is low. At present, the non PVC medical films widely used in the market are basically produced by blow molding

in the blow molding production line, it is also divided into down blowing water cooling method and up blowing cooling method

the production line with Down blowing and water cooling has large cooling capacity, large output, low equipment height, small space, relatively complex production operations, but it is easy to ensure good transparency, haze and other key indicators. However, due to the use of water ring cooling, the possibility of circulating water polluting the workshop and membrane is increased. At the same time, the purification and drying of water also increases the equipment investment and operation cost

basic structure of infusion coextrusion film for non PVC

non PVC medical coextrusion film is generally divided into internal and external layers:

the internal layer is required to have good heat sealing, puncture and chip resistance, compatibility with liquid medicine, inertia and elasticity. PP, SEBS, polybutylene and other materials are mainly used

the middle layer is required to have good flexibility, resistance, transparency and mechanical strength. SEBS PE, PP and other materials are mainly used, which is more close to the needs of China's textile fiber market

the outer layer is required to have good printability, transparency, mechanical strength, barrier property, high temperature cooking resistance, mainly using PP, PE market supervision departments to seriously implement the leading responsibilities of T, PA, PS, PC and other materials

all layers of materials should meet the requirements of FDA pharmaceutical packaging materials and the requirements of 121 ℃ high temperature cooking and sterilization

Mr. wilfredsun, the Asia Pacific manager of alpha Canada, believes that in order to increase the good combination between various layers of materials, sometimes some transition layer materials can be used, so that the film structure can adopt 4-layer or 5-layer coextrusion. Considering the complex and strict requirements of drug production management, the number of film layers generally used should not be too many, so as not to increase the difficulty of production management, and too many raw materials will also increase the pressure of procurement and inventory, Because every kind of raw material is very demanding

production difficulties and thresholds of non PVC medical infusion coextrusion film

the production of non PVC medical infusion coextrusion film has high technical difficulties and market entry threshold. The technical difficulty mainly lies in the film structure, formula, raw materials and process, and the market access threshold lies in GMP certification and license. At present, only Canadian alpha company can provide a complete production line and relevant guidance on film structure, formula, raw materials, process technology and GMP certification in the world

the film of non PVC medical infusion bag is different from the medical film in the general sense. It is specially used for infusion packaging, and is generally dedicated to special lines to ensure quality. In the conventional sense, medical films are generally used to package powder, sheet and paste drugs, with much less difficulty and requirements. Most of these medical films are transformed from food packaging production lines

information source: packaging newspaper

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