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Guangdong Mobile 4G covers the largest underground railway station in Asia

Shenzhen Futian station of Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong high speed railway, the largest underground railway station in Asia, was officially opened. Passengers are delighted to find that the upper and lower floors of the station have been covered with mobile 4G networks

it is understood that Futian station is located in the central area of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. It is a three-story structure with a total construction area of 147000 square meters, equivalent to 21 football fields. From the initial mobilization on November 25th, 2015 to the official opening of 4G network on December 25th, Guangdong Mobile, after 31 days of continuous construction, can effectively detect the bursting pressure value of pipe fittings, and successfully completed the 4G coverage of Futian station before the station is opened to traffic, with an average speed of 70mbps. Compared with the base station construction in ordinary places, the 4G network construction of underground stations faces more difficulties

the biggest difficulty is that the time available for construction every day is very limited. According to the person in charge of Guangdong Mobile project, due to the inability to enter the construction site during the trial operation time of the station, the actual construction time of the Network Builder every day is only 3A between 0:00 and 3:00. We know that the specimen (or product) is clamped by the fixture to apply force to the specimen for hours. From station site survey to equipment installation, to commissioning and opening up, all work must be completed at night, and the builders have become night owls who rise day and night, turn upside down day and night, and continue without rest

in addition, underground construction itself is more difficult. Especially in the tunnel, transportation is unavailable, the space is relatively closed and stuffy, and the builders rely on manpower to carry materials, tools and loads. Once a certain equipment or tool is missing, it will take too much time to turn back and retrieve it. Relying on scientific planning and fine execution, Guangdong Mobile has realized the efficient scheduling of the material and human electrical parts, including the good processing formability system of the load measurement system and the members of the deformation measurement system team, and has completed the 4G coverage construction of Futian station with high efficiency and quality

according to Guangdong Mobile, at present, Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong, Xiamen Shenzhen, Wuhan Guangzhou and other high-speed rail lines have achieved 4G high-speed rail coverage. Passengers traveling on these three high-speed rail lines can not only enjoy the convenience of high-speed rail travel, but also experience the fun of 4G high-speed anytime and anywhere

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