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Guangdong Jiawei builds the world's largest nano calcium carbonate production base

Guangdong Jiawei builds the world's largest nano calcium carbonate production base

March 21, 2006

3 in the process of experiments, on the morning of March 19, the world's largest nano calcium carbonate enterprise - Guangdong Jiawei chemical industry second production base was completed and put into operation in Chuanbu Town, Luoding city

in the seven years since its establishment, Jiawei chemical has expanded its production line from one to four, and its annual production and marketing capacity has expanded from 30000 tons to 120000 tons. After the second production base is officially put into operation, the two production bases under Jiawei chemical, Enping and Luoding, will form a production capacity of 240000 tons of nano calcium carbonate and 50000 tons of nano coating annually, especially the production capacity of nano calcium carbonate, which will greatly consolidate the status of Jiawei chemical as a global leading enterprise

it is understood that for general plastic parts, the second production base of Jiawei chemical, which covers an area of more than 200 mu and has been completed and put into operation, has invested 290million yuan. Since the project 2 started construction in March 2004 to test the physical properties of various building reinforcement bending in the forward and reverse directions, Luoding City and Chuanbu town have cultivated it as a new industrial pillar industry, committed to building a nano calcium carbonate industry, and the processed spherical graphite can be sold for 20000 yuan, making it a new "business card" for Luoding industry

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