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Guangdong Paper Industry Association joins hands with its members to fight against the COVID-19

release date: Source: Guangdong Paper Industry Association

unite as one to fight the epidemic. On February 13, the Guangdong Paper Industry Association donated 2000 to the Guangdong Charity Federation for the prevention and control of novel coronavirus-19, despite the severe situation in the prevention and control of covid-19. The association practices the society with practical actions, and fully demonstrates the spirit of the times of "one party is in trouble, eight parties rush to help"

in addition to its own donations, the association also actively calls on member units to contribute to the fight against the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia. Therefore, the tensile properties of flexible packaging materials need to be tested with a tensile machine with a large stroke. Since the Guangdong Paper Industry Association and the Guangdong Paper Industry Trade Union Federation jointly launched the "proposal on the prevention and control of pneumonia infected with novel coronavirus", all member units have actively responded, actively donated, contributed and supported the action against COVID-19. Up to now, all member units have donated more than 50million and a large number of anti epidemic materials. With the assistance of the association, all member units purchase masks, disinfection supplies and other materials from member enterprises such as Guangdong tianzhang Information Paper Co., Ltd. and Foshan Baodao Industrial Technology Service Co., Ltd. as one of the member units of the association, Guangdong tianzhang and Foshan Baodao actively respond to the call of the association, give play to the spirit of friendship and mutual assistance, and actively assist the members of the association in purchasing masks, disinfection supplies and other materials, It eased the difficulty of purchasing anti epidemic materials for other members. The members of the association interpreted the social responsibility and national feelings of enterprises with practical actions, fully reflecting the overall responsibility of the paper industry in Guangdong Province

in order to ensure the smooth resumption of work of enterprises, the association not only actively assists member units in purchasing masks, but also actively reflects various difficulties encountered by member units to relevant government departments, forwards and interprets relevant provincial and municipal policy documents on the resumption of work, and provides guidance for enterprises to resume work

overcome difficulties and win the war against "epidemic"! It is believed that with the joint efforts of all sectors of society, there should be no sand holes, pores and shrinkage on the main connecting surfaces and exposed processing surfaces of castings, "Ernst Siebert pointed out that the epidemic of covid-19 will be defeated as soon as possible

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