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Guangdong Laoren paint: how can you see a rainbow without going through wind and rain

in 2012, under the background that the overall economic environment is not ideal, the paint industry is likely to develop towards a "polarization" trend, from the development status of paint enterprises, the premium ability of paint brands to the business environment of paint enterprises. Under this development trend, the coating industry can be said to be in an era of development opportunities and industry crises. What problems have enterprises encountered? With these problems, the author has the honor to interview general manager Yang of Guangdong Laoren coating. General manager Yang himself is very modest

: how about our production and sales volume in the first half of this year

president Yang: the sales volume in the first half of this year is unprecedented, because since the beginning of the new year, our cash feedback activities have been strongly supported by consumers and dealers across the country due to the speed control support of conventional electronic universal. On the whole, it has made very high achievements, and this year is the Olympic year, first the European Cup, and then the London Olympics, which indirectly stimulated the upsurge of decoration and purchase. On the whole, the production and sales of Laoren paint in the first half of the year sold well compared with previous years. Such achievements have also increased our confidence. With innovative technology, the company continues to improve the quality of life, and strives to create a more comfortable and healthy home decoration environment for consumers. According to the market needs, it has newly upgraded the pure flavor formula wall paint, ultra-low VOC content, and created a safe and comfortable living space

: China's economy fluctuates greatly this year. Has it affected the development of our enterprises? How do you respond

president Yang: before and after the financial crisis, the economic fluctuation must be huge, because the rise in oil prices has driven the price of raw materials soaring, which puts heavy pressure on all aspects of our paint manufacturers. And the paint price is almost upside down. I think the paint industry may face a major reshuffle. I once made a preliminary calculation. There are more than 7000 paint manufacturers in China, large and small, which is only a preliminary estimate. However, our entire industry believes that the government's support for the coating industry has driven the rapid growth of China's coating industry, and the coating industry will only go further and further

: during your years in the paint industry, have you encountered any very difficult things? How did you get through the difficulties in the end

President Yang: isn't there an old saying in China? "How can I see a rainbow without going through wind and rain", I think this is right. In fact, as early as the company held activities during the Spring Festival, there was a time when the warehouse delivery personnel were not in time because of too many orders. In order to be responsible to consumers, at that time, I formed a leading enterprise with a production and marketing range of more than 40gwh, and I also personally took part in the battle. In fact, I felt good to be a driver. When the goods were delivered, I felt very comfortable

: Mr. Yang will give us a simple analysis of the current paint market

President Yang: as the main raw material for house decoration, paint plays an important role in people's daily life. There are many brands of paint in the paint market, and the market competition is constantly increasing. But there are still relatively few brands that are truly influential. Every dealer should think about how to find a brand that meets their own needs, has great room for growth and has enough staying power among many paint brands. A few years ago, most dealers competed to cooperate with big brands with the mentality of "relying on big trees to enjoy the cool". However, in recent years, with the rapid development of the coating industry, the competition in the coating industry has become increasingly fierce, and the first-line brand popularity and market coverage have become larger and larger. Although second and third tier brands do not have the advantages of first-class brands in publicity means and channel laying, their product functions and quality are not very different from general paint brands. In some market segments, some second and third tier brands have advantages over first tier brands. Third tier brands usually do a good job in the flexibility of sales policies and the maintenance of dealers. Large cities such as the provincial capital are decorative material cities, with one point of sale or one district divided into one point of sale. For the second and third tier villages, according to the enterprise strategy, the second tier villages cannot set up general agents or first tier agents to distribute, and many enterprises have now sunk their control over channels in county-level villages, One county has an exclusive agent to ensure the interests of agents and dealers

: how do you plan for the development in the second half of the year

president Yang: I believe that the demand of the coating industry increased by 105 in the first half of 2012, and the range of porcelain tiles will continue to fall gently. The demand growth in the second half of 2012 will gradually return to normal, but because the previous hot scene is too strong, it is difficult to reproduce the hot situation. The total demand of the coating industry will increase to a certain extent in 2012. The severe challenge is how small and medium-sized enterprises survive in this process, and the survival of the fittest will be very intense. It is expected that the speed of economic operation will decline moderately under a stable tone, but it is expected to continue to achieve double-digit growth throughout the year. The development of China's coating industry is still in an important period of strategic opportunities, the industrial structure is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, domestic demand will continue to expand, technological innovation will become the main theme of the industry development, cleaner production, energy conservation and environmental protection, circular economy, high functionality and other processes or products will become new growth points of the industry development, and the proportion of the national coating industry will be increasing

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