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Guangdong Painting Association organized a delegation to Thailand for business investigation

Guangdong Painting Association organized a delegation to Thailand for business. This activity is mainly against the investigation of "foreign garbage" or "foreign garbage" including plastics, textiles and miscellaneous waste paper

June 30, 2015

[China paint information] June 23-25, 2015, The coating industry association of Guangdong Province organized a 2015 Sino Thai coating industry exchange delegation to Thailand for business investigation. The delegation was personally led by Huang Kai, President of Guangdong coating industry association, Lu shuilie, secretary general, and Yang Xian, executive vice president. It came from Zhonghua paint, Dabao chemical, Sifang Weikai, Changhui new materials, qiansehua, Jitai chemical, badfu, Mickey paint, Runli chemical, Qianjiang paint, nidi paint, Yinyang resin, Ridong automation, Juying chemical, Nantong Boda, Rongye chemical, paint castle, Guangda chemical construction A total of 44 people from 25 enterprises including Huajiang powder, Qizhe chemical, yiben paint, Huixiang paint, fameI paint, Jinpan material, Yipin paint, etc. participated in a series of business investigation activities in Thailand

on the morning of the 24th, the delegation visited the 2015 "the third Thailand International surface treatment and Coating Exhibition". The exhibitors of this exhibition are mainly the metal surface coating of auto parts. There are not many enterprises of coating raw materials and finished products, especially the finished products of coating enterprises have not been exhibited, and there are not many raw material enterprises. Nantong Boda, a member enterprise of our association, is the only enterprise representative of this delegation. The exhibition hall of automatic equipment painted on metal surface has attracted many merchants, and automatic painting has also become the development direction of international painting

on the afternoon of the 24th, the 2015 Sino Thailand professional seminar on surface engineering technology and thermal spraying technology, CO sponsored by the Asian Chamber of international trade and investment, the ASEAN Committee for the promotion of international trade and the Guangdong coating industry association, was held at the International Trade Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand, and members of the delegation organized by the association attended the meeting. At the meeting, the leaders and guests of China and Thailand delivered speeches and technical exchanges at the meeting respectively: at the beginning of the meeting, the director of the infrastructure construction technology department of the Department of promotion and development of the Ministry of industry of Thailand delivered an opening speech. President Huang Kai also introduced the "development status of the coating industry in Guangdong" on behalf of the organizers of the meeting. The director of the investment and Trade Promotion Commission of Thailand, Dai Seri PANI, first introduced the "new investment environment and preferential policies in Thailand", Mr. sujitharanulat, chairman of the Thai galvanizing industry association, introduced the "general situation of the development of galvanizing technology industry in Thailand", Mr. Wan Weijie, vice president of the business department of Huishang Bank of Thailand, introduced the basic requirements of the "overseas investment assistance project", and badfu Industrial Co., Ltd., an enterprise representative from Guangdong, made an "analysis of the development and future trend of the global" coating industry "at the meeting Jiangmen Sifang Weikai new materials Co., Ltd. made a technical exchange on the "Research Report on coating and coating technology of construction machinery". Mr. zhangzhenfeng, chairman of the Thai coating industry association, also organized nearly 10 coating enterprises to participate in the exchange meeting

On the evening of the 24th, the Asian Chamber of international trade and investment and the ASEAN Committee for the promotion of international trade held a reception dinner. Honorary consultant of the Asian Chamber of international trade and investment - 1. Fixture selection Prince sukhun BAM, a member of the Thai royal family, and Wu Zhiyi, chairman of the Asian Chamber of international trade and investment, and other leaders who led the test of the static pressure testing machine for large-diameter high-pressure pipe fittings attended the dinner. At the dinner, Chairman Wu Zhiyi introduced the latest developments in ASEAN trade and the trade exchanges between China and Thailand to the Chinese guests, It also focuses on the friendship between Thailand and China and Thailand's special geographical advantages in the process of ASEAN integration. It is suggested that industrial coatings, especially automotive coatings and mechanical coatings, can be cooperated in Thailand. At the dinner, the Asian Chamber of international trade and investment presented a souvenir to the Guangdong paint Association, which organized the delegation

On the 25th, the delegation, accompanied by the personnel of the Asian Chamber of international trade and investment, visited the national metal surface coating and materials science and technology center of Thailand. On behalf of the center, the deputy director of the national science and technology center welcomed the arrival of the Guangdong coating delegation and told the guests about the basic situation of the National Center. The center is the national science and technology research and development center of Thailand. The center is divided into nine scientific research centers in different fields, and those involved in coating and coating belong to the new material application science and technology center. After listening to the introduction, the delegation mainly visited the experimental center for metal surface treatment and coating

this investigation activity is another activity to organize more enterprises to further investigate and exchange in-depth after the guangtu Association organized seven coating enterprises to conduct a preliminary business investigation and exchange in Thailand in November 2014. Compared with the investigation in 2014, the Guangdong coating industry association is more proactive and the influence of the activity has been greatly improved. It is the first time to jointly host an industry technology exchange seminar with relevant foreign organizations abroad. At the meeting, Guangdong coating enterprises were also arranged to make a speech as a technology exchange. Through this exchange meeting, the influence of Guangdong coating in Asia was further improved, and the confidence of China's coating to enter ASEAN was enhanced. It is believed that under the national "belt and road" policy, Guangdong paint will accelerate the pace of going abroad, and Thailand, as the bridgehead of ASEAN, will inevitably play a role of bridging China and the alliance

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