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Guangdong Meizhou printed circuit board association was established

recently, Guangdong Meizhou printed circuit industry association was established in Meicheng. Li Jia, Secretary of Meizhou municipal Party committee, met with Wang Longji, Secretary General of China Printed Circuit Industry Association, invited guests and all members of the association. Wang Longji and vice mayor chenjianqing inaugurated the association. The first Council of Meizhou printed circuit industry association was elected at the meeting. In recent years, the city's printed circuit industry has developed rapidly. By 2010, there were 60 manufacturing enterprises in the city, including copper foil, copper clad laminate, circuit board, circuit board equipment, etc., including 25 Enterprises above Designated Size, 9 enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan, and the whole industry achieved an output value of 3.5 billion yuan. The degree of industrial agglomeration has been continuously improved, and the ability of independent innovation has been continuously enhanced, initially forming an important base for printed circuit in Guangdong Province

Chen Jianqing pointed out that as an important carrier to promote the development of the city's printed circuit industry, industry associations should be duty bound to provide strong support for promoting economic development. We should earnestly strengthen the planning and guidance for the development of the printed circuit industry, and promote the scale, grade, static pressure and tension leveling of enterprises. While coordinating market prices, resolving market disputes, avoiding blind competition, and avoiding problems that damage the overall interests and long-term interests, we should guide enterprises to strive to expand the market, improve management levels, and promote the development of the industry. A total of 120 heads of 60 printed circuit enterprises in the city and guests from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hunan, Shenzhen and other places attended the founding meeting. Liuyanping, executive deputy general manager of Meizhou Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd., was elected president of Meizhou printed circuit industry association

note: the reprinted content is indicated with the source. Zhu Wenwei, the executive vice president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, believes that for the purpose of transmitting more information, it does not mean that he agrees with his view or confirms the true need of his content. 4. The main functions of the tensile testing machine that the security inspection machine must work under the specified working voltage are naturally different

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