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Guangdong Jingang glass pioneered the fire-proof glass curtain wall unit

recently, the fire-proof glass curtain wall unit developed by Guangdong Jingang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. for the 632 meter "Shanghai center" of the "China's leading high-rise building" under construction has been successfully tested by the Tianjin Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of public security. It is understood that the "Shanghai center" interior wall project, which is designed and constructed by Jianghe curtain wall, is the leading fire-proof glass curtain wall in China in a real sense. The project will use nearly 100000 square meters of "corundum cesium potassium fire-proof glass" and be equipped with a precision steel aluminum profile support system that is still blank in China. The system can withstand the rigorous double-sided test of nearly 1000 ℃ fire, as well as the four property test (wind pressure deformation performance, air permeability, rainwater permeability and in-plane deformation performance) and salt spray test. This is Chinese software and interface: software and interactive man-machine dialogue operation interface under Windows operating environment; Light alloy will damage the appearance, which is a major event and actual case that the curtain wall technology of our country catches up with and surpasses the international level, and also paves the way for the upcoming new version of the code for fire protection design of buildings

Shanghai center building is recognized as a highly difficult and high standard project in the industry. Its location and the characteristics of double-layer curtain wall have attracted much attention at the beginning of its establishment. The curtain wall project of Shanghai center has five characteristics: high, flexible, twisted, eccentric and empty. It is the single curtain wall project with the highest height and the greatest difficulty in China at present. It puts forward extremely high requirements for the adaptability, anti displacement, waterproof and seismic resistance of curtain walls. There is no precedent for the fire prevention technical problems encountered in the project. This time, the "fire-proof glass curtain wall unit" made by King Kong Glass for the "China's leading high-rise building" under construction is expected. Its success will determine the specific direction of the new edition of the code for fire protection design of buildings

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