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A gust of wind in autumn took away the heat of summer and ushered in fruitful results. The blue sky and white clouds outside the house are floating, and the interior is also matched with elegance. The comfortable environment makes your heart clear. In this autumn atmosphere, enjoy this simple and elegant scenery

in the new season and new weather, Magnolia wallpaper brings new hope and brings us into the maturity of autumn

"the beauty of autumn is mature -- it is not as shy as spring, as exposed as summer, and as introverted as winter." Autumn means a complete farewell to the unbearable high temperature in midsummer. You can put down all kinds of "sun protection devices" and no longer rely on "cooling equipment" such as air conditioners. The sky is high and the clouds are light, and people feel full of freedom

2014 Magnolia "free wind" series displays the free fashion incisively and vividly on the study wall with elegant colors, simple patterns and detailed embossing. The fresh and elegant patterns complement the study atmosphere, adding a bit of fun to reading; Posted on the bedroom wall, the simple pattern is like a pair of quiet hands to smooth the noise of the day, bringing deep sleep and complete rest...

the most elegant in the Magnolia "free wind" series is this embossed non printed wallpaper, with pearl yellow as the bottom, supplemented by bronze, light brown, ivory white and other quiet and stable colors, conveying an atmosphere and elegant calm feelings, leaving the noise and glitz away in an instant. In addition, the unique effect of embossing is used to express the pattern, producing the effect of relief, giving people a pleasant freedom in the nesting

in addition, ordinary lines can also highlight the sense of elegance. The "curve embellishment" in the "free wind" series, which is famous for its distinctive small circles, shows a different kind of freedom with its unique design, which is suitable for some personalized, young and fashionable rooms. The wallpaper has a symmetrical texture and uses the popular neutral color as the color matching, which gives people a unique enjoyment visually. The semi matte and semi reflective method is excellent. It ingeniously integrates the color and design techniques of the wallpaper, highlights the extraordinary in a low-key, and greatly improves the grade of the wallpaper. This wallpaper can be used in a large area, creating a different kind of freedom with its simple colors and unique circles

it's crisp in autumn. There is a beautiful scene of blue sky, white clouds and sunshine outside. The interior should also be an atmosphere and elegant feeling of freedom. Magnolia launched the "free wind" series of wallpapers in the peak season of home decoration, which brings you fresh and calm visual enjoyment and more home decoration choices

fresh and elegant atmosphere, calm mood, Magnolia wallpaper "free wind" takes you to appreciate the mature atmosphere of autumn and feel this unique space





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