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I heard that many friends around me are dissatisfied with their own wardrobe, unreasonable space, all kinds of chicken ribs, and so on. But the wardrobe is a must for every family, so how to customize the wardrobe in the whole house reasonably

I heard that many friends around me are dissatisfied with their own wardrobe, unreasonable space, all kinds of chicken ribs, and so on. However, the wardrobe is a must for every family, so it is very necessary to make a reasonable internal layout of the customized wardrobe in the whole house. What functions must be included in the wardrobe? Do you need to make the top, how to choose the cabinet door, and what is the material of the cabinet? Don't worry, Komi editor, take your time to answer

before customizing the cabinet, you need to measure it first. Usually, you need to customize it in advance. You can't remember to play the cabinet until half of the decoration, which will delay the decoration cycle, so the cabinet needs to be done in advance. If the cabinet is customized, it is usually customized to install the floor first, which can reduce the area of the floor, reduce the budget, and avoid scratching the floor. The same is true for the wall. When the cabinet is ready to deal with the wall, you can simply deal with the covered part of the cabinet. Woodworking cabinets are usually priced as follows: plate cost, labor cost, hardware auxiliary material cost, paint cost, paint labor cost... It may be further subdivided, so the total price is almost the same as that of customized cabinets. Carpenters usually use wood-based panels to make cabinets. If you don't buy your own boards, you must pay attention to environmental protection. Painting is the least environmentally friendly way to make your own cabinets. For example, cabinets in children's rooms can be made without painting, or you can buy customized solid wood cabinets directly. In addition, not only children's rooms need to pay attention to environmental protection, but also adults' rooms, which cannot be neglected

komi Xiaobian looked at many ceiling and floor cabinets, and felt very atmospheric. The storage space was also very large, which could be integrated with the whole space. The overall feeling was relatively light, and there would be no sanitary dead corner. But this kind of cabinet also has some disadvantages, that is, it is fixed and can't move. It's troublesome to change the layout of the room, but don't install it in a small space, because it looks more depressed. The easiest place for customized cabinets to tangle is the choice of cabinet door. The swing door will be more open, and the sliding door will save more space. The choice of cabinet door needs to be selected according to the indoor size. If you have made an indomitable cabinet, the Xiaobian recommends the swing door, which has a more holistic sense. If you want to have an open cabinet at home, there are two prerequisites: first, you should always do hygiene, and second, the things you visit should be beautiful. If the surface of the selected cabinet is relatively bright, you can see a layer of gray with the naked eye without touching it. Open cabinets mean that you can see the things placed. If you want to have characteristics at home, the things placed must have personality. To customize the shoe cabinet, we must determine the size, make the floor height interval and width in advance, and create a shoe cabinet tailored for shoes is a good shoe cabinet. For the wardrobe, in addition to ensuring that the door can be closed when the hanger is put in, it also needs to do a good job in the internal layout. Whether a wardrobe is good depends on the layout. The hanging area, stacking area, pants rack area, shoe bag area and jewelry area should be considered comprehensively

now many people decorate cabinets by carpentry, and the cabinet doors are customized, which may lead to the problem of color difference. For example, the paint free board can't hang the paint, and the method to deal with the color difference will be more troublesome. In order to have personality, Xiaobian still recommends customizing the whole house

finally, when everything is done, it needs to be checked. This step is indispensable after installation. So what should we check

1. Check the flatness of the cabinet with a square, guiding rule and level ruler to see whether it is vertical and whether the corner is 90 degrees

2. Open the drawer and test whether the track installation is smooth and smooth. Pull the upper and lower drawers at the same time to ensure that they will not touch each other

3. Check whether the hardware is firmly installed

4. Touch each partition of the cabinet with your hand. If you cut your hand, it may also happen that the carpenter misses something and does not polish it




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