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Designing a small bar at home can add a lot of romance to small life. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network recommends some of the most popular family bar decoration renderings in 2014. Romance grows in the decoration of small houses

if you can't squeeze out extra small corners to decorate the small bar in your small home, you can consider the decoration method of the bar in the above figure. The corners in all directions squeeze out this separate small wall, and the upper and lower cabinets made of solid wood are designed next to each other. Less than one square meter of space in the middle room just meets the decoration needs of the small bar, with the storage cabinet above and the wine cabinet space below, In this way, matching a single chair will become a romantic corner of small house decoration. Take out a bottle of wine and you can sit here and enjoy romance

the arc-shaped small bar decoration eliminates the edges and corners, and adds a sense of fashion with a rounded design. The rock wall with the log cabinet surface shows a simple warmth. Putting a black single chair on it forms a fashionable catering area. Sitting here, eating, drinking tea, chatting, and having a party are all good choices, and the small house decoration is also very romantic. The top of the bar decoration is also a circular ceiling design, with several Lily shaped chandeliers hanging down, warm and small. As for the wine cabinet design behind the bar, all the cups and wine products are collected in it, and the small space is elegant

mahogany bar cabinet, marble countertop, classical decor background wall, plus two traditional decorative paintings, create a retro decoration effect picture of a small bar. The L-shaped bar is close to the small corner, and above it is a wall mounted storage cabinet, in which all kinds of glasses are included, which adds convenience to catering life. The decoration of such a small bar not only meets the desire of young people for the bar, but also adds a lot of romantic interest to the decoration of small houses

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