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After a while, it will be the peak decoration season again, and many friends must have begun to prepare. Then you must understand the following 12 suggestions from designers

1. Consult the designer before buying a house

many owners consult the designer before buying a house. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Many times, if you invite familiar designers to see the house type before buying a house, you can save the cost of changing the house type. Moreover, poorly designed house types often limit the creativity of designers, so we must listen to more suggestions in this regard

2. Consult with experienced people before decoration

among the decoration owners, the vast majority are decoration for the first time and lack experience. Although relatives and friends have their own decoration experience, it is impossible to cover all the problems of the owner. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with experienced people such as designers, engineering supervisors, decoration construction personnel before decoration

3. Choosing a decoration company is not based on the standard of cheapness

although the lower budget is more attractive to the owner, the decoration materials, construction quality and design level used in it can be guaranteed. Choosing this decoration company based solely on the budget quotation is a risky behavior. Xiaobian suggested that comprehensive consideration should be given to decoration companies, and companies with fraud and irregular and unclear decoration contracts must be avoided

4. Communicate with the designer in time

when the designer puts forward the decoration idea to the owner, he will usually show the 3D effect drawing. If the owner finds that the designer has some thoughtless places, he must put forward it as soon as possible, otherwise it will be expensive and laborious to modify it after construction

5. Be sure to be feasible when demolishing walls.

as an owner, you may always consider the layout of the house, but you must think twice before construction. On the one hand, we should know what can be demolished and what cannot be demolished. On the other hand, we should know that the cost of demolition and construction is the same, and demolition is much easier than construction

6. Simple decoration can't reduce the construction quality

if you want the decoration company to reduce the project budget, you have to consider it carefully. The labor cost is definitely indispensable, and the quality of the process must be guaranteed. Generally, both of them need to be guaranteed, but there is no choice but to choose one. It is suggested that the owner carry out simple decoration style

7. Control the number of types of decoration materials

the less materials are used, the easier it is to coordinate the style. Moreover, if you choose a large number of the same materials from suppliers, you can often get price concessions. In addition, you can also reduce the time and labor cost of changing construction personnel of different types of work in the decoration process

8. Choose valuable materials properly

you can be thoughtful when choosing valuable materials. Because the amount of expenditure is not necessarily proportional to the level of grade. For example, marble can be used in important places in the bathroom, while ceramic tiles can be selected in secondary places to reduce costs

9. Choose the furniture scale according to the actual situation

your participation in the decoration of the home is to make people live more comfortable in it, so when decorating, you should abandon the scale set in the demonstration room, but make it according to the actual situation. For example, owners with large families can choose lockers with large capacity

10. Don't think about permanence

many people love to think about its permanence when choosing things. In fact, it may be aimed at the era when materials were scarce. Now everything around is so colorful. The habit of liking the new and hating the old can surprise you from time to time

11. Make the ceiling simple

stop making complex ceilings on the ceiling, and try to hide the lights in it. This is actually an outdated decoration. What we need is to make smallpox simple and have enough floor height to stretch the living space

12. Make good use of old furniture

when you decide to throw away old furniture, you should think carefully. Maybe as long as it is slightly modified and changed, it can continue to accompany you and your family, which can also appropriately reduce the cost of purchasing furniture




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