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The curtain has come to an end in 2016. Often at the end of the year, the wardrobe market will also set off a new round of promotion climax. Consumers have long been used to this phenomenon. For wardrobe dealers, this is the explosion point of Warehouse Clearance and profit growth. In order to stimulate the trading volume of their own products and increase consumers' desire to buy, wardrobe merchants' promotion methods are also strange, but with the innovation of promotion mode, The traditional promotion mode may be eliminated. Wardrobe enterprises should strengthen marketing innovation and integrate the wardrobe brand Deville

give up the big and comprehensive policy and switch to the small and refined method

price war has always been the most commonly used means for merchants to carry out promotional wars, but this year's new year's Day promotional season, many merchants have improved this too direct method, which is also favored by many customers. In the past, during major festivals, businesses would plan some large-scale activities to do centralized outbreaks, but with the continuous downturn of the market in the past two years, businesses gave up the large and comprehensive strategy in promotion, and instead used small and refined ways to stimulate consumer demand

in the promotional activities, in addition to benefiting consumers, in order to enhance the stickiness with consumers, merchants also attract customers to shop by giving gifts. Some merchants even launch the value-added service of free customized home decoration design drawings to enhance consumers' goodwill. "Now most dealers in the market are no longer blindly doing large-scale promotional activities. On the contrary, they will regularly do some exquisite small store activities." According to a wardrobe dealer, now basically a small promotional activity is held in two months. On the one hand, the cost of investment is relatively low, which is in direct proportion to the current increase in turnover. Secondly, it can reduce labor costs, and salespersons can stay in the store to sell goods

terminal stores help merchants implement the group promotion mode

Terminal marketers generally reflect that the market is getting worse year by year, not only the product sales are poor, but also the store rent, logistics cost and employee employment cost are constantly rising, which has caused greater pressure on dealers, and its profit space is also shrinking compared with the past. As the profit space shrinks, the publicity cost and promotion cost will naturally decline. Therefore, various alliance promotional activities will naturally become the first choice for wardrobe dealers. Some wardrobe dealers bluntly said: "participating in the activities of the store and sharing the cost with other merchants will drive the brand publicity and store sales of merchants through the platform of collective discount of the store."

at the same time, this also allows building materials stores to see the opportunity of win-win cooperation with merchants. As the organizer, stores hold brand alliance promotions at important nodes, which can reduce the financial pressure of publicity and activities for merchants on the one hand, and maintain their relationship with merchants on the other hand. Stores organize all businesses to carry out huddled and warm promotion, so that everyone can also try a new promotion mode. Consumers can find many brands in a short time, which not only saves time, but also can buy desirable products

in general, the current wardrobe market has been in the business state of no sales without promotion. However, in today's market, the promotion modes of various businesses emerge in endlessly, and under the circumstances of being intercepted by many parties such as Internet home decoration, group purchase and home decoration companies, wardrobe businesses must continue to innovate and make breakthroughs in marketing, so that promotion can become a powerful medicine for the increase of sales data

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