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The indoor environment of the new room is new in terms of walls, bricks and various facilities. It feels simple and clean. In fact, many owners ignore some potential places that need to be cleaned, which should be paid special attention to. In particular, there are many things that we need to tidy up and clean one by one after moving home. The furniture at home is in a mess, and dirt and garbage can be seen everywhere. If you clean it yourself, it is always very hard, and the expected effect cannot be achieved. At this time, most friends will choose professional cleaners. So how to arrange cleaning for the newly decorated house? Next, let Xiaobian answer for you

wipe the furniture gently with cotton yarn and soft cloth. Don't scrub with water, let alone soapy water or alkaline water. This will affect the smoothness of the furniture surface and even cause the paint to fall off. When the boiling water cup burns white spots on the paint facial mask of furniture, two methods can be used to remove the hot spots

(1) wipe with kerosene or alcohol toilet water solvent

(2) wipe with cork dipped in tea juice

a simple way to restore the luster of furniture: add a little vinegar to hot water, and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in vinegar water. After the water is completely dry, furniture can be polished with polish wax to restore its luster. Beautiful white furniture will turn yellow after a long time. It's too unsightly. If you wipe it with toothpaste, it will change. However, do not use too much force during operation, otherwise the paint film will be damaged

remove the peculiar smell of furniture with milk. First place a cup of boiled milk in the interior of the furniture (cabinet and kitchen), close the cabinet door tightly, and take it out after the milk cools, and the original odor in the furniture will disappear

furniture is messy when children paint with crayons. How to remove crayon marks? As long as you wipe it slowly with a soft cloth stained with toothpaste, it can be removed

when cleaning furniture, a few drops of glycerin in the water can be cleaned relatively clean

it's very troublesome to clean the drawers for storing small pieces. Take them out and wipe them one by one every time. In fact, if you cover the suction port of the vacuum cleaner with plastic window screen or gauze, and then directly stretch into the drawer to absorb dust, you can greatly simplify the above cumbersome process

at present, most domestic brands are water-soluble, so it can be removed by wiping with water. Please do not scrape the paint on the ceramic tile with a blade, which will damage the glaze. You can use thinner (xylene) to add water and wipe it with cotton cloth

method 1. Spray the bathroom cleaning kit used for the bathtub on the dirty place, and then gently wipe the dark green algae side of the two-color rectangular sponge used for dishwashing, and all the stains are gone

method 2. Clear the colloidal bright oil and paint on the glass and ceramic tiles with a blade

summary of the editor: that's all for the above information about how to arrange cleaning after decoration. I hope it can help you. At the same time, remind you that when cleaning company personnel come to clean, they also need our careful supervision. Some cleaning agents contain corrosive or polluting ingredients. If you don't pay attention to these details, random cleaning will cause you a lot of losses and unnecessary trouble. For more information, please follow the information




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