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Install the smart door lock of the German dog mobile phone and go home safely for the new year

at the end of each year, when discussing the Spring Festival, returning home and traveling, everyone will invariably mention "home theft prevention". It seems that as long as you go away, everyone will have such a worry: will there be no one at home, will you be stolen

nowadays, there are many high-rise buildings in the city, and the pace of life is getting faster and faster. Office workers go out early and return late, and there is little interaction between neighbors. It is not better than living in the courtyard decades ago. Today, when the Wang family goes out and tells the Li family to help look after the house, it is inevitable that when they go far away, they will worry about home safety, especially when they return home or travel, their home is stolen. We are in a different place and don't know it. When we return home, we are silly

I think this is also one of the reasons why smart door locks sell well. Then, where is the "smart" of smart door locks? How to solve the pain points of home security? Take the German dog mobile phone door lock as an example. German dog joined: 400-930-3789

compared with the traditional anti-theft door lock, the German dog mobile phone door lock supports a variety of unlocking methods -

mobile phone app (remote unlocking, check the door lock information)

fingerprint (the highest level of biometrics, even if others get your fingerprint film, they can't open the door)

mechanical key (if others attempt to use violence to pry the lock, technical unlocking, etc., the door lock will automatically alarm)

virtual password (when the user opens the door, he can add random codes before and after the real password to protect the password)

from burglar proof doors and windows to intelligent door locks, and then to intelligent security, people's concept of home security has changed from the previous door breaking doors and windows breaking windows to the arrangement of the security of the whole family as "a game of chess". From passive burglar proof to active attack, the emergence of intelligent cameras is the best explanation

when the equipment is in the armed state, if there is an abnormal situation in the monitoring area, take photos and videos immediately, give a real-time alarm, and push the alarm information to the user's mobile phone at the same time. The user can turn on the mobile phone to monitor and check the situation at home; The night vision distance can reach 10 meters, and you won't miss any important moments. German dog join: 400-930-3789

German dog mobile phone door lock, there is a special function - with smart eyes. If the door lock is invaded illegally, the door lock will take photos and upload them to the server and send them to the designated mobile phone number

with such a safe and convenient smart door lock, what you need to do is to enjoy the convenient life brought by technology! German dog joining: 400-930-3789




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