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Xinfa township has carried out the recycling of pesticide waste packaging materials

in order to further our professional services, strengthen the protection of the ecological environment, strengthen the optimization of the environment, and create a good development environment, Xinfa township has carried out the recycling of pesticide waste packaging materials since May, and achieved remarkable results. One pull plate can be applied to multiple types of terminal tests. In recent years, with the economic development that should be replaced and the increase in the use of pesticides, the abandoned pesticide packaging bottles and bags have been abandoned outside the gear drive and chain drive. These plastic waste packaging materials are not easy to decompose in nature, and the highly toxic chemical pesticides remain all the year round, seriously polluting the soil, water source and air. In order to solve this problem, Xinfa Township held a township meeting to arrange and deploy recycling work. Extensive and in-depth publicity and education activities were carried out throughout the township, and recycling stations were established in each village. The village secretary and village director were the first to recycle at the price of 0.10.3 yuan per bottle. After recycling, they were sold to the banner plastic factory for reprocessing and utilization. This effectively improved the enthusiasm of the people to love their homes and protect the environment. So far, more than 20000 waste pesticide bottles have been recovered in the township, laying a good environmental foundation for the sustainable development of the township. (Bartel)

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