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Gupi Town, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province: carry out in-depth special rectification actions for wood enterprises

release date: Source: China wood industry information

in order to implement the spirit of the meeting on February 17, Gupi town has formulated a special rectification action plan for Taobao wood products and furniture and carried out in-depth special rectification actions for Taobao wood products and furniture

recently, Gupeng, deputy secretary of the Party committee, held a meeting of the main principals of Taobao wood furniture processing plant in Daguanzhuang Village (New Industrial Park) to comprehensively deploy the special rectification action for Taobao wood furniture in Gupi town. The theme of the meeting was the 12 character policy of "ensuring safety, promoting development, grasping implementation and severely punishing". At the meeting, the principal of each processing plant explained the work plan for 2021, made a statement on safety production and signed the safety production certificate of Taobao wood products and furniture in Gupi town

from February 20 to 22, the safety supervision office of Gupi town carried out a major safety production inspection around the relatively concentrated new industrial park, Guzhang road Taobao furniture processing plant, Banshan community Taobao processing park and scattered Taobao furniture processing sites in various villages in the town, sorted out the problems existing in the inspection and issued law enforcement documents. At present, 12 law enforcement documents have been issued and 55 potential safety hazards have been found, We have developed an ABS wire rod made of recycled automobile dashboard and a pet wire rod made of plastic bottles, which will give them a huge time and cost advantage. Among the raw materials, 37 wires will be rectified immediately and 18 wires will be rectified within a time limit

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