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Recently, in order to successfully complete the work of unified prevention and control of plant protection by agricultural UAVs in Zhuhai in 2017, the plant protection team of Yintong UAVs has always adhered to the forefront of farmland and formed a beautiful landscape in Zhuhai's agricultural production under the scorching sun with a temperature of up to 30 degrees Celsius

Zhuhai's agricultural plant protection has finally walked out of the road of characteristics as the torrent bravely advances.

Zhuhai took the lead in using UAVs to carry out the plant protection work of unified prevention and control throughout the country, starting from 2014

Zhuhai is a famous aviation city in China. Over the years, many knowledgeable people who love aircraft models have developed UAVs with various functions here. In 2014, Yintong UAV took the lead in developing and producing agricultural spraying UAV with load-carrying function. As the competent department of agricultural machinery production management, Zhuhai Agricultural (fishery) Mechanization Service Management Institute always leads the country in the foresight of new products. They first saw that the plant protection UAV is the future development direction of spraying operation. With the support of Zhuhai marine agriculture and Water Affairs Bureau, they put forward the Zhuhai UAV plant protection "unified prevention and rule" pilot demonstration work plan, Yintong UAV and other companies were entrusted to carry out the actual flight control operations in the field, and farmers were asked to test the effectiveness of the use of plant protection UAVs for unified control

as a new plant protection machine, at the beginning of the project, farmers' acceptance of the plant protection UAV was no less than that when the transplanter was just in the field

"I haven't heard of the aircraft spraying"

or the steel ball of the buffer valve in contact with the inlet has stolen goods or the gap is too large

"how many acres of land can I hit with that little water?"

"can the control effect be good if it flies so fast?"

experimental control software can store energy and display experimental parameters in real time; It can prove everything: those who believe in science and technology get the market, and those who get the market take the world. Yintong UAV company first found large growers who are easy to accept new things. Using their longing for future UAV operation, it opened the prelude for plant protection UAVs to fly over the farmland in Zhuhai. The operation scene attracted the onlookers of most growers, The concept was immediately changed in the face of the facts:

"tut Tut, it's so fast. It's a good thing"

"the leaves have liquid medicine on the surface, and the effect is really good"

"it's much better than carrying a pot of Medicine on our back. Ha ha"

rice, vegetables and fruits, lotus root, rape flower, etc. the unified control effect of each crop was tested as passed within two days after the operation, Through...

admiration is only the beginning of the prelude, and persistence is the main purpose

Yintong UAV company has lived up to its mission. In the scorching sun, the sweat of Yintong flight defense team members is scattered on the edge of the Yangchang ridge

"Mount Tai does not reject fine soil, so it can reach its height; the river and the sea do not choose small streams, so it can reach its depth". Pay attention to details, pay attention to quality, do a solid job in every link of plant protection work, seize the time and seize the time, "reaching the production, reaching the standard, achieving the effect, ensuring the quality and ensuring the output" is the standard of Yintong UAV plant protection specifications, and it is also the standard that everyone in Yintong plant protection brigade practices. They have earned a good reputation for their work with sweat and rain

in combination with the effect of trial implementation in 2014, Zhuhai Agricultural (fishery) Mechanization Service Management Institute, in order to accelerate the promotion of unified prevention and rule operation by using plant protection UAVs, continued to promote the project in 2015, and increased special training for new talents: all the robot operators of local agricultural machinery cooperatives have the opportunity to participate in the UAV operator training for testing this material organized by Yintong UAV company. The operators of the cooperatives actively participated in the training and joined the flight prevention team, which undoubtedly injected strong vitality into the scientific and technological level of Zhuhai Agricultural machinery

the UAV operation is well received. In 2016, with the strong support of various leaders, Zhuhai Agricultural (fishery) Mechanization Service Management Institute continued to implement the project, and continued to collect problems in the process of unified defense and rule, paving the way for market liberalization in the coming year

2017, Zhuhai's farmers welcomed the favorable policies. Thanks to the efforts of Zhuhai Agricultural (fishery) Mechanization Service Management Institute in recent three years, Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of marine agriculture and Water Affairs issued the preferential policies for agriculture on May 16, 2017, "Carry out the unified prevention and control of agricultural UAV plant protection in the whole city. Take rice and lotus root as the objects of operation. Jinan trial control method: LED digital instrument control, display the experimental pressure and time, and promote the work of agricultural UAV plant protection through the implementation of subsidies for agricultural UAV plant protection. The subsidy standard is 20 yuan/mu. Work first, then subsidies, and then subsidies first The principle of cashing after publicity shall be directly cashed to the service provider in the next year ". This move of Zhuhai not only benefits the farmers and the people, but also has the honor to become the first area in China to use UAVs to control the unified defense and liberalize the operation market. It is a model and leading unit for promoting agriculture through science and technology. At present, it is the peak period of plant protection operation for air defense. There are many unmanned plant protection machines passing back and forth in the fields of Zhuhai. Farmers have put down the traditional spray machine, sat under the banyan tree at the entrance of the village, and enjoyed the harmonious and beautiful staff drawn by the UAVs in the air with the characteristics of "Zhuhai science and technology first"

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