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On September 28, Changchun citizens took out a long scroll of scenery map. Zhangjinhua, a famous cultural relic expert in Jilin Province, examined the painting carefully and found that it was not an authentic one. It belonged to a printed imitation and was not worth money. People said that the painting was bought when the scenic spot was traveling internationally, and they thought it was an authentic work at that time. In this regard, experts said that the painting and calligraphy products in scenic spots or stalls must be carefully purchased

in addition, on the basis of the technology of filter material preparation in the early stage, the public brought a picture of flowers and birds, which was identified by experts. This picture was created by Japanese painters. It is not only exquisite in brushwork, but also made of pine or wood with special materials for calligraphy and painting, which can prevent insects

Mr. Xu, a citizen, brought a carved lacquer box with a hollowed out pattern of a royal hunting picture on it. Zhangjinhua, an expert, said that the box was filled with small objects in the Qing Dynasty. The process is complex. After painting the wooden box, it is carved and painted on it. The workmanship is quite exquisite and has a certain collection and market value. (editor in charge: Wang Yang)

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