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Lifting machinery will develop towards the trend of large-scale, automation and specialization

lifting machinery will develop towards the trend of large-scale, automation and specialization

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from the perspective of the growth rate of the lifting machinery industry, China has achieved the increase of output value, export volume and product output in the lifting industry. Enterprises also plan policies for this. The high-speed domestic growth must be supported by the economy, The high-end product industry has gradually highlighted its advantages

with the rapid development of China's economy, lifting and conveying machines have also made great progress in industrial production. At present, there are more than 3500 lifting machinery and equipment production enterprises in China, of which 1898 enterprises have installation and disassembly licenses, and they have more advanced manufacturing capacity. During the "12th Five Year plan", the industrial GDP and sales revenue of lifting machinery products increased by 30% each year, However, there is still a big gap between the products and foreign countries on the whole

in recent years, domestic cranes have emerged in the international market, and mainstream enterprises have led the industry to upgrade and achieve technological breakthroughs. Looking back on the growth process: from 2000 to 2005, the global crane industry was in a high-speed growth period with a compound annual growth rate of more than 25%. Among them, China contributed the largest increment. The sales volume of truck cranes doubled from 1999 and exceeded 10000 in 2003. China has become the world's largest crane producer after the United States produced 7500 units in the mid-1970s and Japan 8000 units in 1980, but this production record has little impact on the price (except for gantry cranes). During this period, mainstream enterprises have achieved two key breakthroughs, one is that the scale production capacity has exceeded 10000 units, the other is that they have innovated the technology of cranes below 100 tons to meet the needs of China, conquered the core technology of all terrain cranes, and formed a Chinese technology school covering high, medium and low end. This is particularly critical. It has established the unique cost performance advantage of Chinese cranes

from 2005 to 2010, the macro environment showed important changes: countries increased infrastructure investment, energy and other construction projects led to the innovation of large-scale hoisting technology. In this process, mainstream enterprises achieved three breakthroughs: first, internationalization and speed-up; second, the product structure and category of cranes were further subdivided, and the type spectrum span was from 5 tons to 2000 tons, including truck mounted, truck mounted, all terrain, crawler Off road tire type has been developed; Third, large-scale. The history of China's crane with a maximum tonnage of 200 tons has been broken, and the global crane industry has completed a leap from 100 tons to 1000 tons

from 2010 to 2013, the macroeconomic environment was tightened, but the supply capacity increased by nearly three times. On the one hand, mainstream enterprises should deal with various competitive pressures, at the same time, they should grasp the regional structural changes, achieve the second international take-off in strategic layout, and quickly seize the super tonnage to the high point in product and technology layout. Chinese enterprises once again show their late development advantages, and "the world's best" are being or are about to be born, At the same time, a new generation of technological revolution with the theme of improving user value is emerging

future development trend

at present, the lifting machinery market is in a period of rapid development, and has great market development potential. With the faster and faster process of modernization, the requirements for lifting machinery are also higher and higher, and the lifting machinery is developing towards large-scale, automation and specialization

large scale

since the new century, the trend of large-scale projects has accelerated, and domestic super crawler cranes have slowly appeared in front of everyone. The 1000 ton and 2000 ton crawler cranes realized that although 3D printing technology was much more than traditional manufacturing technology, environmental protection benefits were introduced one after another, which opened the prelude to the rapid development of super crawler cranes in China. At present, the largest sales volume in the crane market is 5~8t products, accounting for more than 50% of the total sales. Due to the large number of manufacturers, the price competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the profit space of products is becoming narrower and narrower, while the profit space of large tonnage products is far more than that of small and medium tonnage products. From the perspective of the development direction of domestic automobile chassis, the market of large tonnage truck is growing rapidly, and manufacturers such as FAW, ERW and heavy truck are accelerating the development of large tonnage truck chassis. Therefore, large tonnage bridge crane products will gradually grow with the expansion of the market of large tonnage chassis. In 2011, products with more than 10t accounted for less than 30% of the total sales, and products with more than 10t accounted for 33% of the total sales in the first half of this year. In the next few years, large tonnage If a series of bridge cranes are found to have abnormal equipment or hidden safety hazards, heavy machinery products will have greater development space, and the demand will gradually increase

with the commencement of large-scale projects, the hoisting and transportation of materials provide a broader space for the development of hoisting machinery. The market demand is growing, and the industry has a promising prospect


the rapid development of the lifting machinery industry has also greatly promoted the application of automation products in this industry. Although the overall level of automation application in China's lifting machinery industry is not high, both lifting machinery manufacturers and lifting machinery users have gradually realized the advantages of applying automatic structures to simplify products as much as possible

Luo Wenlong, director of the technology center of the construction mechanization research branch of the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, said that the application potential of automation products in the lifting machinery industry is very huge, and the prospect is also very broad. Whether the city is developing towards a more mature and modern form, or under the economic crisis, the stimulating investment of the state in infrastructure construction shows the vigorous development of hoisting machinery. From control to transmission, the application depth of automation products in this industry is also accumulating day by day. Judging from the current scale, future growth space and current growth rate, the lifting machinery industry has gradually become a market that automation enterprises cannot underestimate


with the national power, petrochemical, steel, transportation and other infrastructure construction entering a climax, the domestic crane market is expanding rapidly, and the trend of large-scale cranes has become an irreversible fact. In order to reduce production costs and save human and material resources, the demand for large cranes is also gradually expanding, and the lifting capacity of cranes is increasing. The requirement of lifting speed is higher and higher, so the requirement of energy consumption control and crane performance is higher and higher. As an important part of the automatic production process, simple operation, high safety, reliable performance and easy maintenance are the basic requirements for cranes. In addition, cost-effective lifting machinery will have more markets in the future

for this reason, specialized cranes that meet various work needs have been continuously developed and put into use, including special cranes for nuclear power, paper making, waste disposal, etc. Cranes with special performance can also meet various working environments, such as anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, insulated cranes, etc. The performance of traditional railway and marine cranes is also continuously enhanced, and their adaptability to the environment is also continuously improved

it is conceivable that with the continuous expansion and accelerated development of urbanization throughout the country, including railway transportation, building construction, energy and water conservancy and many other aspects of engineering construction, it also provides a broader development prospect for the development of China's crane industry. In the next 3-5 years, China's crane market will be more exciting, the type spectrum of 100 ton to 1000 ton products will be more intensive, and the technology will be more mature. People will gradually calm down from the initial surprise that Chinese enterprises have successively broken through the "world's largest" and integrate engineering applications and user needs more deeply

in the face of the good momentum of the development of China's hoisting machinery industry, we should pay attention to the technology of machinery, study and put forward countermeasures for the sustainable development of hoisting machinery and equipment. Although China has entered the high-end market, we should strengthen the cultivation of independent innovation, establish our own brand, promote strategic development, lead development with innovation, and do a good job in our own ability to realize the long-term development of the industry, and establish the understanding of intellectual property rights

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