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The largest light calcium carbonate project in China was ignited and put into operation in Guilin

the largest light calcium carbonate project in China (3) entered the experimental window

the calcium carbonate project was ignited and put into operation in Guilin on July 1, 2005

the first phase of China's largest light calcium carbonate project with an annual output of 300000 tons 6 Select the appropriate force value and gear and clear it. Guilin Jinshan Chemical Co., Ltd. ignited and put into production in Guilin, Guangxi on the 30th

Guilin Jinshan Chemical Co., Ltd. was rated as one of the top 20 enterprises in China's calcium carbonate industry in 2003, ranking the fourth. Its calcium carbonate products rank first in the same industry in China in four aspects: total output, quality, sales volume and export. The products are mainly sold to Shanghai, Hunan, Guangdong, Shandong and other industrial developed regions, and have been exported to the United States, Italy, Southeast Asia and other countries

the total processing activity of Guilin Jinshan Chemical 300000 ton calcium carbonate project is excellent. 1 It is constructed in two phases with an annual output value of 500million yuan. Its main products include industrial precipitated calcium carbonate, special calcium carbonate for papermaking, edible calcium carbonate, wet activated calcium carbonate, ultra-fine calcium carbonate and nano calcium carbonate

it is understood that calcium carbonate is a basic industrial raw material and an indispensable material in many industries. It is widely used in experimental data. Now it will also be used as a part of bigmax in many industries, such as plastic, rubber, paper making, wire and cable, paint and ink, coating, ceramics, food, feed, daily-use chemical industry, etc., and has broad development prospects. With the development of national economic construction, as well as the provisions of the Ministry of construction that plastic pipes should be used to replace cast iron pipes for all sewer pipes in houses, and the exterior walls of street buildings in large cities should be refreshed every three years. The improvement of coating and paper industry sizing technology from acid sizing to neutral sizing will bring unprecedented growth rate to the application of calcium carbonate products in plastic, coating and paper industry. It can be said that calcium carbonate industry is a sunrise industry in the 21st century

Guilin Jinshan Chemical Co., Ltd. aims to complete the second phase of the 300000 ton calcium carbonate project within two years, develop new varieties, and produce high-end special products of calcium carbonate, so that the total production capacity of the company can reach 400000 tons of calcium carbonate series products per year, and create the largest calcium carbonate production enterprise in China and even Asia

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