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Light "coal super wind", Jining market is awesome

light "coal is super wind", Jining market shows its magic power

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destroy everything once and solve thousands of worries once and for all, "light is win"

recently, the dealer of XCMG heavy truck Jining signed and delivered 50 Hanfeng G5 tractors in batches. The customer is a large transportation company in Jining. As the cooperative transportation company of the largest mine in Asia, the transportation company decided to order 50 Xugong Hanfeng G5 430 HP tractors after considering a variety of target heavy trucks. XCMG heavy truck recommends the Hanfeng G5 "coal super wind" product of XCMG heavy truck according to the transportation route and operation demands of users, and has formulated a key customer after-sales service plan for partners to solve the worries of customers

the Hanfeng G5 tractor delivered in batch this time is the Hanfeng G mobile crossbeam that is affectionately called "the God of coal transportation" by card friends. 5 "coal super wind", this product is a benchmark model of coal transportation vehicle launched by XCMG heavy truck based on the Hanfeng G5 platform, which combines economy and lightweight perfectly. This car inherits the active safety and passive safety of G5 series, adopts a high-strength cage optimized structure, and the thickness of key steel plates is maintained at 4mm. At the same time, lightweight assembly components are selected and CAE technology is applied to the topology design of the whole vehicle, which not only ensures safety, but also reduces self weight, improves economy, and realizes the extreme lightweight of 7.6 tons. With the trailer, the total weight can be controlled at 13.2 tons

g5 Series classic gold powertrain ensures its high attendance rate and low failure rate, so that "coal super wind" has higher profitability. It can not only pull more goods, but also help car owners save postage, maintenance and other expenses. In the time of low freight rates, it continues to protect the truck drivers' dream of consumption demand

according to the feedback of kayou, "coal super wind" shows super profitability. Master kayou Wang said that thanks to the lightweight design and economic fuel consumption, he not only transported 1.3 tons of coal each time, but also saved 200 yuan in oil costs. According to the operation frequency of 8 times a month, a little makes a lot, and a power outage sign can be hung in a single month; When testing the mixer, the extra profit is 4000 yuan, and the extra profit per vehicle is nearly 50000 yuan per year

although it is positioned as an economical model, there is no reduction in the reliability and driving comfort of "coal super wind". The classic powertrain and four airbag cab of G5 series Weichai engine + fast gearbox + hande axle are perfectly inherited. The coal transportation line has been crushed by trucks all year round, and the road condition is not good. The four airbag cab and four point suspension seat can help drivers struggling with complex road conditions filter 3 In the process of the experiment, it is inevitable to produce some dust bumps to get a better driving experience

Jining is a key city in the logistics industry, so there are many heavy truck brands and fierce market competition, but XCMG heavy truck still occupies a good market share in Jining market. July is the traditional off-season of the market, which is a challenge for every heavy truck product. The Jining dealer of XCMG heavy truck signed and delivered 50 Hanfeng G5 tractors, which is undoubtedly another affirmation of XCMG heavy truck intelligent research user needs and full-service

as an advantageous product carefully created by XCMG heavy truck, Hanfeng C5 "coal super wind" has seen frequent large orders and accumulated excellent user reputation since its inception. It is believed that the "coal super wind" of XCMG heavy truck will "blow" into more regions in the future, create more wealth for customers and help more transportation practitioners realize their dreams

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