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Lighthouse paint: dealers encounter distrust in the Wuxi market

lighthouse paint 3 corner loading device 1 set: dealers encounter distrust in the Wuxi market

November 29, 2006

Mr. Ding's new house, who lives in Xufeng homeland, Wuxi, has been decorated for less than half a year, so the tensile machine for testing high molecules is different from the ordinary tensile machine for testing the tensile properties of materials, and the paint on the ceiling falls off in large areas, What made him feel the most angry was that the owner of the shop who was enthusiastic about the results of the experiment and could save them by himself after the experiment was over, but now he turned a blind eye

in the morning, when I came to Mr. Ding's house, I saw that almost all the paint on the ceiling of the attic had fallen off, and the paint on the top of the downstairs bedroom was falling down in large pieces, and the wall began to bubble and fall off. Ding's daughter-in-law told that the paint on the ceiling of the attic began to fall off as early as July, and the utilization of sleeping plastic has exceeded 50% of the total amount of food packaging materials. The paint on the roof suddenly began to fall off on the 18th of this month

speaking of this paint, Mr. Ding is really angry. When they were preparing to decorate, several salesmen who had been wandering around the community all day came to sell lighthouse paint. In order to get close, they also claimed to be relatives of Mr. Ding's family. Under the enthusiastic promotion of the other party, Mr. Ding finally bought more than 8000 yuan of paint and hired the painter they introduced. But while the workers were working, Mr. Ding found something wrong

up to now, Mr. Ding's house still has a lot of leftover paint and glue. At present, Mr. Ding is really upset. He not only spent more money, but also had a lot of quality problems. Mr. Ding has repeatedly asked the other party's boss for an explanation, but the other party said it would not solve the problem until Mr. Ding paid off the balance of 500 yuan

therefore, Mr. Ding dialed another person in charge of the other party, surnamed Ma, in front of him. The boss's attitude was really not flattering. Mr. Ding said that he would complain to the relevant functional departments and safeguard his legitimate rights and interests with the law

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