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There are hidden worries about the development of gas engines with limited lifting space

there are hidden worries about the development of gas engines with limited lifting space

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not long ago, a relevant person in charge of heavy truck enterprises told the author that although there is pressure from rising gas prices, at present, most LNG heavy truck engines are optimized and improved on the basis of diesel engines, It is not specially designed and developed for the fuel characteristics of natural gas, so its technology has great room for improvement, and the development prospect of LNG is very large

however, after the actual investigation, the author found that engine enterprises are not as optimistic about the development of LNG vehicles as vehicle manufacturers, and they are also lack of interest in the special development of gas engines

vehicle manufacturers: the growth of LNG heavy trucks is optimistic

due to the characteristics of high economy, mature technology and strong reliability, coupled with the policy guidance of the state to vigorously develop natural gas, China's natural gas vehicles, especially the G commercial vehicles with too high temperature in ln1, have developed rapidly in recent years

at the same time, gas price adjustment has become an unstable factor for the future development of LNG vehicles. It is estimated that when the gas price rises to the critical value of 0.75 times the fuel price, the economic advantage of LNG vehicles will be lost rapidly. For example, after the national development and Reform Commission raised the gas price in the middle of last year, some heavy truck dealers reported that many potential users began to buy diesel vehicles or wait-and-see with cash, which affected the sales of LNG heavy trucks to a certain extent

however, even with the impact of natural gas price rise, due to the low sales base of LNG heavy trucks, the year-on-year growth of its sales volume is still very high. The heavy truck industry is still optimistic about the sales of LNG heavy trucks. Another view is that with the implementation of the National IV standard, due to the substantial increase in the cost of National IV heavy trucks, natural gas heavy trucks will usher in greater market opportunities

the relevant person in charge of the above heavy truck enterprises further pointed out that China's natural gas vehicle technology 2. Rubber/plastic tensile test is still in the initial stage. Although the gas price rises, as an energy substitute, natural gas has a broader prospect than gasoline and diesel. In addition, LNG heavy trucks have great potential in technology improvement, so he is still optimistic about the development prospect of LNG heavy trucks

Engine Factory: it takes time and effort, and has no intention to re develop it.

for the argument that most natural gas engines are improved on the basis of diesel engines, people in the engine industry responded that this is in line with the development route of gas engines

"the gas engine is indeed transformed from a diesel engine, which is not unique to China." Tang Kai, deputy director of FAW Xichai R & D department, said that foreign advanced engine enterprises also optimized and improved on the basis of diesel engines in the initial stage of R & D of gas engines. The main reason why they did not choose forward research and development is that the demand for gas engines is small, and the production cost of independent platforms is too high. Based on cost considerations, most engine manufacturers have given up developing new products, and mobile parts are driven by power

"in fact, cost is only one aspect." Wang Hui, chief engineer of light vehicle engine combustion development technology of Yuchai Engineering Research Institute, said that from the perspective of research and development, the development and application of diesel engine has a long history. Taking it as a reference object can make the performance of gas engine more reliable. Therefore, it should be considered a more feasible scheme to change it on the basis of diesel engine

in addition, Wang Hui pointed out that in the past, there was demand for gas engines only in local areas, but the demand for gas engines has increased rapidly in recent years. If a new model is developed according to the characteristics of the gas engine at this time, the R & D cycle will take about 5 years, and the stability and production consistency of the product will also need to be verified for a long time. This long-term research and development mode is bound to be unable to cope with the explosive growth demand. For these reasons, almost all domestic engine plants develop gas engines based on diesel engines

Jia Guiqi, chief designer of Dongfeng chaochai, told the author that although the sales of gas engines have increased significantly in recent years, domestic engine plants are still mainly producing diesel engines, and the proportion of gas engines in the total output of enterprises is still very small. Therefore, the new research and development takes time and effort, which is likely to outweigh the gains

sing down the prospects of gas engine improvement space ‚? In addition, there is limited

then, will the engine plant consider re developing gas engine in the future? Many interviewees said that they would not consider developing gas engine products specifically for the characteristics of natural gas, and some even said frankly, "unless the sales volume of gas engine is equivalent to that of diesel engine"

in terms of technology alone, there is much room for gas engines to improve fuel economy in the future? The answer of the engine industry is not sure

"the gas engine has room for improvement in technology." Tang Kai said that in the past, the automotive industry had insufficient investment and research and development of gas engines. With the rapid development of this market segment, engine plants have continuously accumulated experience in practice and formed a certain technical reserve. However, there is still a certain gap between domestic gas engines and foreign advanced products in terms of enhanced indicators, gas consumption and emissions. "At present, we are still in the initial stage, and there are still many aspects that need to be upgraded and optimized. Therefore, there must be potential to improve the technology of gas engines in the future." He said

yaochunde, deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of internal combustion engine of Tianjin University, also believes that from a technical point of view, the cylinder diameter of the gas engine is relatively large, while the flame propagation speed of natural gas is relatively slow, which limits the gas engine to further rely on spark ignition to improve its performance

Yao Chunde further said that the main reason for the limited development potential of gas engines is the lack of gas sources. In addition, with the continuous promotion of haze control, the price of natural gas is bound to increase significantly. Once the price advantage is lost, it is difficult for gas engines to have greater development

Wang Hui also believes that although the gas engine still needs to be improved, he is not optimistic about its future development prospects. "The ease of use of products is an important factor determining their future market prospects. At present, the supporting facilities of natural gas are not complete, the gas source is not enough, and some regions even have a serious' gas shortage '. Once these negative factors affect users' use, they are likely to consider replacing diesel engines. Therefore, compared with gas engines, diesel engines may have more market space in the future." He analyzed

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