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Light industry continued to recover and improve. Release date: Source: People's

China Light Industry Federation announced the economic operation data of China's light industry in the first five months on the 7th: from January to may, the light industry achieved a cumulative operating revenue of 6.83 trillion, realized a profit of 414.757 billion, and the profit margin of the industry's operating revenue was 6.07%, an increase of 0.23 percentage points over the previous four months, 1.07 percentage points higher than the national industry

"affected by the epidemic, light industry is under pressure to grow, and the overall economic operation has continued the momentum of recovery and improvement since March, showing positive and positive changes." Said zhangchonghe, President of China Light Industry Federation

in the first five months, the main indicators reflecting the operation of light industry showed a trend of stabilization and recovery

production continued to pick up. From January to may, the decline in industrial added value of light industry narrowed by 2 percentage points compared with the previous April. In May, the production of major light industries continued to stabilize, and regular inspections were needed to check the recovery trend. Among them, the added value of bicycle, food, household chemicals, plastics, light industrial machinery and other industries increased positively. Among the 92 light industrial products counted by the National Bureau of statistics, the output increased by 46 varieties, with a growth rate of 50%

profits improved significantly. From January to may, 106600 Enterprises above Designated Size in the light industry should process one inspection rod, achieving a profit of 4147 The shape description is increasingly combined with 5.7 billion, with a decrease of 4.78 percentage points compared with the previous April. In light industry, the profit growth rate of agricultural and sideline food, bicycle, plastic products and paper industry is relatively fast, with a year-on-year growth of more than 10%

affected by the epidemic, China's development is facing risks and challenges. Why can light industry rebound

"on the one hand, thanks to the continuous improvement of the consumer market, the retail sales of eight light industrial commodities increased year-on-year in May, and the retail growth rate of home appliances and household appliances in the plastic parts industry with high accuracy turned from negative to positive, with an increase of 4.3% and 3% respectively. The retail sales of essential commodities to ensure residents' daily life continued to grow rapidly, and the retail sales growth rate of Cereals, Oils and foodstuffs, beverages and daily necessities exceeded 10%." Zhang Chonghe analyzed that, on the other hand, it is inseparable from constantly improving policies and measures to help enterprises expand product sales and expand the market by supporting online fairs, recommending enterprises to participate in e-commerce festivals and other measures

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