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Lighthouse coatings actively participated in the Tianjin Modern Industrial Culture Symposium

"Tianjin modern industrial culture and industrial heritage protection Symposium" was held at the automobile culture square of the green collar Industrial Park in Hebei District on the afternoon of February 1, 2013. The theme of this symposium is: from the century old lighthouse paint, and also broke the previous scene of large and super large engineering machinery products relying on imports, entrepreneurs and Tianjin Cultural and historical researchers work together, sincerely unite, complement each other's advantages, carry out Tianjin modern industrial culture research and Tianjin enterprise culture research, and promote Tianjin Industrial Cultural Heritage Protection and enterprise culture construction

Huang Jiwei, general manager of Lighthouse coatings, Musen Hexi District CPPCC Wen, deputy chairman of the industrial heritage research group of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Zhang Shaozu, deputy director of the construction history Committee of the first phase of the project, which is generally contracted by Hangxiao steel structure, Zhou zuitian, an expert on modern industrial history, Yin Shupeng, Zhang Xianming, Gao Wei, an expert on Tianjin cultural history research, and Zi Weizhong, director of the Publicity Department of the Municipal Commission of Commerce, made keynote speeches successively

president Huang said in his keynote speech: Tianjin is the industrial center of northern China, with rich industrial heritage and remains. Lighthouse coating is also a typical representative enterprise in the development process of coating industry in Tianjin and China, which has left a deep brand in the history of modern industrial development. The location of the scribed line on the support of Tianjin modern industrial and cultural heritage as the center line of the idler should be protected, studied, publicized and utilized. This provides an opportunity for Tianjin scholars of culture and history to work together with entrepreneurs and researchers of corporate culture, sets up a platform, and shows broad prospects. To carry out research on modern industrial culture, it is necessary to form an alliance of researchers, entrepreneurs, heritage protection volunteers and the media, give full play to their advantages, complement each other, and launch results for mutual benefit and win-win results. When the conditions are ripe, academic groups should be established, professional publications should be run well, and capable teams should be formed to promote the progress of industrial culture research and industrial heritage protection in Tianjin. As a well-known Chinese time-honored enterprise in Tianjin, lighthouse coating has made a lot of experience and achievements in the construction of corporate culture, and has played an important role in the development and innovation of enterprises. At present, as a state-owned enterprise under TEDA holdings, we need more experts and scholars to carry out various forms of discussion and exchange activities with the enterprise to provide more development impetus for the enterprise with the help of new ideas and new methods on how to excavate and protect the enterprise's history and culture and promote the enterprise to adapt to the needs of the development of the new era, We are also willing to make greater contributions to the protection of industrial heritage and the promotion of corporate culture in Tianjin

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