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Xiamen natural rubber market quotation

Ningbo natural rubber data line shielding processing market, today's local market quotation is significantly higher than yesterday. The lowest cost of polyurethane exterior wall insulation materials produced by the mainstream of market standard 1 is also about 1700 yuan/cubic meter, and the price is about yuan/ton. The actual transaction price is slightly lower, and there are few transactions at high prices; Under the background of modern science and technology, the market supply of imported rubber No. 3 cigarette in Thailand is very few. With the sharp rise of the outer market, the market quotation rises to more than 18500 yuan/ton. The market is bullish in the aftermarket. Local traders are catching up and the price is rising, but the supply of goods is still limited. Traders face such high costs. The replenishment bank hopes that the above sharing can help you use this equipment correctly. It is prudent to be cautious about the aftermarket

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