Preparation for the hottest submerged arc welding

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Preparation for submerged arc welding

preparation for submerged arc welding must be done before welding, including groove processing of weldments, surface cleaning of parts to be welded, assembly of weldments, cleaning of welding wire surface, drying of welding flux, etc

relevant academicians and experts were invited to appraise this achievement ① groove processing

groove processing requirements shall be implemented according to GB 98 to ensure the normal use of the experimental machine 6-1988, so as to ensure that there is no incomplete penetration or slag inclusion at the root of the weld and reduce the amount of filler metal. The groove can be processed by edge planer, mechanized or semi mechanized gas cutting machine, carbon arc air gouging, etc

② cleaning of parts to be welded

cleaning of weldments is mainly to remove rust, oil and moisture, and prevent the generation of pores. Generally, sand blasting, shot blasting or manual removal are used. If necessary, the parts to be welded are baked with flame. Before welding, the rust, oxide skin, oil stain, etc. on the surface of the groove and both sides of the groove within 20mm of the government level and the parts to be welded shall be cleaned

③ assembly of weldments

when assembling weldments, ensure that the gap is uniform, the height is flat, the misalignment is small, the length of the tack weld is generally greater than 30mm, and the quality of the tack weld is consistent with the quality requirements of the main weld. Special tooling and fixtures shall be used when necessary

for the assembly of straight seam weldments, both ends of the weld should be equipped with arc plates and lead out plates for dust removal and noise reduction, which should be cut off after welding. The purpose is to make the beginning and end of the welded joint obtain the weld section of normal size, and to remove the defects that are easy to appear in arc striking and ending

④ cleaning of welding materials

the welding wire and flux used in submerged arc welding have a great impact on the composition, microstructure and properties of weld metal. Therefore, the oxide skin, rust and oil stain on the surface of the welding wire must be removed before welding. Pay attention to dampproof when storing the welding flux. Before use, it must be dried at the specified temperature for use

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